Vidmaster Lives!

It is being balanced in the calm center of a whirling and untouchable tornado of destruction, while showers of grenades patter harmlessly around you and bullets crawl toward you in slow-mo.
It is when your brain develops a new bundle of nerves whose only function is to reroute impulses directly from your eyes to your finger muscles, so that your can twist off a rocket long before you're conscious of the yellow blip in your motion detector.

Vidmaster's Oath
I pledge to punch all switches, to never shoot where I could use grenades, to admit the existence of no level except total carnage, to never use Caps Lock as my 'Run' key, and to never, ever, leave a single Bob alive. (This holds especially true for Ken-bobs).
To do these things is to invite maximum peril and requires one to play the game as hard and unrelentingly as possible, at the highest level of skill: to play as a Vidmaster.

Thanks go to Bungie for most of words of wisdom up above. One last thing I would add in anyone's quest for Vidmaster status, be a genius like me. Vidmaster awaits

P.S. The SETI bug has once again caught me. Its fun to see just how many computers I can run in my home without the noise and heat driving my wife nuts.