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Here are some sites we have here on Guam. As you'll see we have some really spectacular stuff. Most of the diving consists in the Philippine Sea and is broken down into Apra Harbor sites and Outside sites. Hope you enjoy. I've put some explanations of each of the sites for those of you not from around here. Just basic info. We have a total of about 30-40 sites around Guam, but these are the ones i frequent the most. I'll add more photos as time goes on.

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Outside Apra Harbor

Blue Hole

    Shark's Pit 

   Hap's Reef


   Barracuda Rock

Piti Bombholes   

Inside Apra Harbor

Gab Gab I/II

    Finger Reef

    Western Shoals

Japanese Refueling Piers

    Harley Reef

Tokai Maru/Coromoran