Blue Hole 2.jpg (54728 bytes)Blue Hole 3.jpg (121406 bytes)blue hole4.jpg (8305 bytes)hitosuji ginbo Big lionfish who likes to pose

blue black gobi.s. difficult to shootleaffish face. Where's the eye??leaf fish turning his back on meyellow trumpett


NEW Photos 2005: Clownfish and lionfishYellow Crwon Butterflyfish....hard totake and hella deep

Probably one of Guam's most famous dive spots.  It offers diving for all levels. The opening of the hole starts at around 60ft (18m), with the exit starting at 125ft (36m).

Visibility: 60ft-over 200ft!!

Recommended certification: Any with deep diving experience.

Possible Critters: Hammerhead sharks, Napoleon Wrasses, Manta Ray, Spotted Eagle Ray, White-tip Reef Sharks, Black-tip Reef Sharks, Moray eels, Lionfish, Anemones.