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pixelI write. That's a rare constant in my life. Writing provides a means in which to understand and assemble my inner and outer worlds.
pixelJournalistic writing -- that of serving as a witness to the world, analyzing and reporting events and people as purely as possible -- is my natural form of writing. Fiction could never replace reality and reality is where I prefer to be. As a journalist, I strove to enlighten people, turn them on to the often hidden realities in our complicated world. I had hoped that, working together, reader and writer could create a better place to live. There's still much to do in terms of social justice, but now I write mostly for my own expression. And even that expression is becoming quieter and deeper -- and more visual in content.
pixelThe publications listing is a minimalist accounting of projects I have undertaken in the past five years or so. Most of it is what I call writing for hire -- competent, precise, craftswomanly, but it won't move you in emotion or spirit. The excerpt from my master's project, however, has some good writing in it. Before that were years and years of daily newspaper reportage, some it quite good, all of it now buried in heaps of newspaper clippings and impressions of muted memories.


Excerpt from master's project, "Journey to Skillet Fork," an exploration of poverty in rural America.

Publications listing, including projects in all media arts.