It is our desire to see all the Micronesian people will hold the Bible in one hand and a hymnal in the other.

SPM Newsletter [2nd Intensive Bible Training (Oct. 4~8, 1999)]

Dear Brother in Christ,

Grace and peace to you from our Lord Jesus Christ!  This past week the Lord has blessed us with an exciting and fruitful 2nd Intensive Bible Training seminar for Micronesian pastors.  Our guest speaker Pastor Min Chung came to us all the way from Champaign, Illinois to teach and preach on the life of the apostle Peter.  This year we had over 20 pastors participate in our seminar, from various Micronesian islands such as Chuuk, Pohnpei, Kosrae, and Saipan.  All of these pastors had to pay for their own airfare which costs them between $300 to $500 dollars.  They sacrificed their time and money just to attend this seminar for a week so that they can take back to their church valuable and precious lessons which they learned.  I firmly believe that this is the beginning of a revival that will occur in Micronesia.
Throughout the week all of us were impressed by their stamina, eagerness, thought provoking questions, and joy in learning the Bible in a classroom setting.  We even implemented a diet program for those pastors who were interested in losing weight.  One pastor lost 10 lbs. during the seminar and many others committed themselves to losing weight when they go back home.  These pastors are serious about their commitment to Christ and transforming the lives of their church members.  God has richly blessed this seminar.  We also enclosed some interviews of a few pastors to inquire on the situation on the lack of Bibles in their churches.  Thank you for your partnership in our vision to advance the gospel to Micronesia. May the Lord bless you.

In Christ,

Steve Kim


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