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Docomo Pacific (a wholly owned subsidiary of NTT Docomo) is a Mobile/TV/Internet/Phone service provider in Guam and the Common Wealth of the Northern Marianas Islands and also serve a number of other Micronesian nathions.

Kuentos Communications, the core of our our Internet division has been in service since 1993 and has the distinction of being a founding member of APNIC.

Kuentos joined UMDA Communications (dba Guam Cablevision) in 2000 to provide the regions first broadband Internet services.

In 2013 Guam Cablevision was purchased by Docomo Pacific, the region's largest cellular network. In 2017 Docomo Pacific deployed an undersea cable system (Atisa) to better serve our neighboring islands in the CNMI.

More detailed peering information is available at Peering DB

ASN: 3605
Maximum Routes: 60

Peering Available at:
Los Angeles, CA
Core Site / Any2-la - One Wilshire, 624 S. Grand
Palo Alto, CA
Equinix-PAIX - 529 Bryant Street
Guam, GU-IX
Dededo - 497 Harmon Loop Road, Dededo
Tamuning - DPac NOC, Ypao Road, Tamuning
Piti - Tata Landing Station, Piti
Saipan, CNMI
MP - HS Lee Building, Middle Road, Susupe
Hong Kong
Sino Favor - 3/F Sino Favor Cenre, 1 On Yip Street, Chai Wan
Mega-I - 9/F Mega-I, Chai Wan


      Docomo Pacific
      497 Harmon Loop Road
      Dededo, Guam 96929

      24x7 NOC:1-671-969-4100

Supported communities for transit customers.

Blackhole communities:

   3605:64999 - All remote POPs
   3605:64990 - US
   3605:64991 - Los Angeles
   3605:64992 - Palo Alto
   3605:64980 - Asia
   3605:64981 - Hong Kong
   3605:64989 - Guam

Per Network routing control:

   65000:nnn - Do not advertize to network nnn
   65001:nnn - Prepend 1 time to network nnn
   65002:nnn - Prepend 2 times to network nnn
   65003:nnn - Prepend 3 times to network nnn
   65004:nnn - Prepend 4 times to network nnn
   65005:nnn - Prepend 5 times to network nnn

   Where nnn;
      ASN of network to prepend or not advertise to

Current Transit ASNs:

x  as701Verizon Business (UUNet)
xx as6453Tata
  xas9304Hutchison Global