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Astronomy Computer Programs

Contributed By : Bill Kochman

Half Earth and Moon Below you will find a list of some of the many useful astronomy-related applications / software programs which you can use to enhance your personal understanding of the amazing heavens which surround our Blue Planet. In most cases, a link to the program developer's website has been included in the software listing, as well as what computer platform is required in order to run the program. Just click on the blue link to be taken to their site. If you are aware of any other astronomy applications which are not shown here, please contact us with your suggestions. We will try to add them as our time permits. Please include the following information in your email communication:

1. Program name
2. Computer platform the application runs on
3. Link to developer's website

Please Note :

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App Name OS Developer Link

AAO - Clusters And Nebulae Mac PPC
Aladin Sky Atlas Mac & Win
Annual Meteor Showers Mac 8.1+ PPC
APOD Grabber Mac 10.4+ Intel
APOD ScreenSaver Mac 10.3+ UB
APOD Viewer Mac 10.4+ UB
Apollo 11 at Twenty-Five Mac & Win
Astro IIDC Mac 10.4+ UB
AstroCal Mac 68K PPC
AstroClock Win
AstroGrav Mac 10.4+ UB
AstroImageBrowser Mac 10.4+ UB
AutoAPOD Mac 10.1+ PPC
Binary Star Mac 7.1+ UB
Cavendish Mac 10.5+ UB
Cavendish SS Mac 10.4+ UB
Celestia Mac & Win
Clear Skies Mac 8.5+ PPC
Clementine Explores the Moon Mac & Win
Comparing Earth Mac & Win
ConverTablePlanets Mac OSX UB
Cosmic Crawler Mac 10.6+ Intel
Cosmic Debris Mac 10.4+ UB
Cosmographia Mac 10.6+ Intel
CyberSky Win XP+
DarkAdapted Mac 10.4+ UB
DashPhoon Mac 10.5+ Intel
Dates of Minima Mac 7.1+ UB
DeepSky Win 98+
Distant Suns Mac 10.3.9+ UB
Earth 3D SS Mac 10.6+ Intel
EarthComet SS Mac 10.4+ UB
EarthDesk Mac & Win
EarthGlobe Mac PPC
Endeavour Views the Earth Mac & Win
Ephem Source Code Mac & Win
Ephemeris Mac & Win
Exaggerated Solar System SS Mac 10.4+ UB
Explore The Planets Mac PPC
Exploring The Solar System Mac PPC
Exploring The Sun Mac PPC
Forever Stars SS Mac 10.6+ UB
Freefall Mac & Win
Galactic Interaction Mac 68K
Galaxy SS Mac 10.4+ UB
Gems of Hubble Mac & Win
Google Earth Mac & Win
Gravitation Ltd. Mac 68K PPC
Halley Win XP+
Hipparchus Mac 68K PPC
HourWorld Mac 10.4+ UB
Hubble Space Telescope Images Mac PPC
HubbleZoom Mac iOS 3.0+
Images of Mars Mac & Win
JHelioviewer Mac 10.4+ UB
Jikankei Mac 10.1+ UB
JupSat Pro Win 95+
Keith's Astro Imager Mac 10.1+ UB
Keith's Image Stacker Mac 10.1+ UB
LensForge Mac 10.4+ UB
Linear Diameter Calculator Mac & Win
Lunar Eclipse Maestro Mac 10.4+ UB
LunaMenu Mac 10.4+ UB
LunaPhase Win 95+
LunaSaver SS Mac 10.3+ UB
Lunar Ephemeris Mac 68K PPC
Lynkeos Mac 10.4+ UB
MacAstronomica Mac 10.2+ PPC
Mac Chart Mac 7.1+ UB
Mac.Period Mac 7.1+ UB
Magellan Highlights of Venus Mac & Win
Mars24 Mac 10.4+ UB
MaxClock DOS / Win
Mercury Venus Transit Maestro Mac 10.4+ UB
Moon Phase Mac 10.4+ UB
Moon Tool Mac
Moon Clock Mac & Win
MoonDock Mac PPC
MoonIT Mac 68K
MoonMenu Mac & Win
MoonPhaser Mac 68K
MPj Astro Mac 68K PPC
MPj Equinox Pro Mac 10.6+ Intel
Newton's Aquarium Mac & Win
NightSky Mac 10.2+ PPC
Other Worlds From Earth Mac & Win
Orrery Mac 10.4+ UB
OSXmoontool Mac 10.4+ UB
OSXplanet Mac 10.5+ UB
Planet C Mac 68K PPC
Planet Facts Mac 68K PPC
Planet Weight Mac OSX UB
PlanetQuest Mac & Win
Redshift Mac & Win
Riding With Robots Mac 10.4+ UB
SAOImage DS9 Mac Win Linux
Sciatrope Mac 10.4+ UB
Scientific Results from GHRS Mac & Win
Scisoft Mac 10.6+ Intel
Scope Calculator Mac & Win
ScopeDriver Mac 10.4+ UB
Seeker Mac & Win
SETI@home Mac & Win
Shadow Mac 68K PPC
SkyChart Mac & Win
SkyGazer Mac & Win
SkyMap Win 98+
SkyOrb Mac 10.6+ Intel
SkySafari Pro Mac 10.6+ Intel
SkyTools Win 98+
Solar Eclipse Maestro Mac 10.4+ UB
Solar Game Mac 68K PPC
Solar Positioning System Mac 8.6+ PPC
Solar System Icons Mac 10.3+ UB
Solar System Sim Mac 10.3+ UB
Solar System Sim Educational Mac OS9+ PPC
Solar Viewer Mac 10.4+ UB
Solar Walk Mac 10.6+ Intel
Solar Winds SS Mac 10.4+ UB
Solscape Mac 10.4+ UB
Space Art By Kids Mac & Win
Space Chase Mac 68K PPC
Space Images Mac iOS 3.2+
Space Station Mac 68K PPC
SpaceTime SS Mac & Win
Star Focus Assistant Mac & Win
Star Walk Mac iOS3.0+
StarCluster SS Mac 10.5+ UB
Stargazer's Delight Mac OS8.1+ PPC
Starry Night Mac & Win
Stars SS Mac 10.6+ Intel
Stellaris Win XP+
Stellarium Mac & Win
Sun Spotter Mac & Win
Sundial Mac 68K PPC
Telescopes Mac 68K PPC
The Impact Catastrophe Mac & Win
The Planetary System Mac & Win
The Red Planet Mac & Win
TheSkyX Mac & Win
Transit Mac 7.1+ UB
Trivectus Gravity SS Mac OSX PPC
Trivectus Planets SS Mac OSX PPC
Trivectus Warp Field Mac OSX PPC
UmbraPhile Mac PPC
Visual Ephemeris Mac & Win
Volcanic Features of Hawaii Mac & Win
Voyager Mac & Win
VRMars - Spirit Mac & Win
Water Rocket Fun Mac 68K PPC
Where Is M13 Mac & Win
Windows on Orion Mac & Win
WorldWide Telescope Mac & Win
X-Galaxy SS Mac 10.6+ Intel
XEphem Source Code Mac & Win

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