P.O. Box 5151
University Station
Mangiloa, GU 96923

For general ARROW correspondence, contact Richard Punzalan, President, ARROW
To communicate about content of this publication, contact Judith Gillespie, Editor, or Donal Austin, Ass't. Editor
To receive copies of the Archer, or have it delivered, contact Joven garcia, Distribution Manager
To contact any of the above, please leave your phone message or fax us at 734 - 4080 or write us at the above address.

Get your Arrow Archer at...
Hafa Books
I Love Books
Colorful Creations
Seamans Club
Colour Express Photo
Rainbow's End
Bestseller Books (both)
American Red Cross
Japan Foods Supermarket
Marianas Electronics
FHP Health Education
Pacificare Medical Center
Flash Photo in Harmon
Island Muscle
U.S. Video
Video Plus
Video Connection
777 Video
Sayama's Video
Video King (both)
HighLights Video
Tower of London
Paradise Lounge
Club Sophia
Kool World
Wet Willies
Golden Motel
The Castaways
Pim's Place
University of Guam:
UOG Student Health
Triton Bookstore
RFK Library
College of Nursing
Guam Community College
Student Health
Guam Memorial Hospital:
Blood Bank
AIDS Unit at Public Health
Guam Public Library
Guam Public Schools (DOE
Curriculum Office)

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