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The Arrow Archer is the newsletter of Arrow, Incorporated, a non - governmental organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for people with HIV and people with AIDS
and to stopping the spread of HIV in the Territory of Guam.

Please Visit Kuentos : "Where Guam's Internet Day Begins" volume 5 
Number 5 .......July - August, 1996 Facts - Not Fiction about HIV / AIDS volume 5 
Number 5 .......July - August, 1996

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Calendar 1996

December 5th and October 3rd , (First Thursdays) at 2:00pm, Guam AIDS Advisory Committee meeting. Special guest; Dr. Ken Cochran. Conference room, College of Nursing, UOG. Public is welcome.

September and October 7th at 7pm. Arrow monthly meeting in Conference Room (downstairs) St. John's Episcopal Church, Tumon. Info : 734 - 4080

Sept 11th, Oct 9th & 23rd at 3:00pm,World AIDS day Committee meets at Public Health, Room 105.

September 21st, Saturday, AIDS Walk - a - thon begins at 6:30am at Government Ricardo Bordallo complex. Walk 1.5 miles for AIDS awareness. Cost $10 call 734 - 2437

September 18 - 20 (San Francisco) and October 9 - 11 (Washington DC), a workshop "Managing Risk and Integrating care for HIV / AIDS in Managed Care For further information call (800) 882 - 8684 or (201) 256 - 0211.

October 2 - 4 , National centre in HIV Social Research , Victoria, Australia. (Arrow has information).

October 10 - 13, National Skills Building Conference, Washington DC. Arrow has information about deadlines & fees.

November 14 - 17, 8th Annual Conference Australasian Society for HIV Medicine " Preventing Transmission; Promoting Health"(Arrow has contact information).

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Guam HIV 
statistics 89 + 2 = 91 infected, Of the infections identified on Guam 28 
Yourself.....Protect Yourself

July - August, 1996

Young and Positive
One woman's campaign to educate youth

Special Report
HIV testing

Scientists optimistic HIV
can be eliminated

AIDS deaths rise in 24 - 44 age group

Drug of Choice

Teaching AIDS Prevention

SEA - AIDS provides E-mail


GAAC Officers

New Address for GNP+


FDA Approves 2 new tests for HIV Infection

Oral sex
Is it dangerous??

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September - October, 1996

Pageant donates GENEROUSLY

HIV Planning Group FORUM

One World. One Hope.

HIV / AIDS Walk - a - thon

Free Booklet : "Protease Inhibitor"

French Catholics Rubber Up

Staying Informed About Treatment

A Pharmacy Stadtlanders
HIV Drug Book

Available Tools to respond to HIV on Guam?

Arrow Christmas Baskets

New medications..Expensive, but...

When will Guam be ready for Clinical trials?

CMV Update

The Quilt
United Airlines sponsors Quilt

Blood Supply Safety

Do I need an HIV tests?
When is an HIV test recommended?

An HIV test is recommended for anyone who
had blood transfusions between 1978, the year AIDS began in the U.S., and before March 1985, when HIV testing of the blood supply began
has not been in a mutually monogamous sexual relationship.
is pregnant
has shared injection drug needles or had sex with someone who has
has hemophilia or has had sex with someone who has hemophilia

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