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Do I need an HIV test?

Should I take the HIV test?

Preventing HIV through sexual transmission

March-April 1997
HIV rates Western Pacific Region, l996
How does Guam compare?
Volunteer expenses equal tax deduction
Stand Up and Don't be Counted
Hidden epidemic: Sexually Transmitted Diseases
ABCs of AIDS education slow reaching workplaces
Politicians biggest barrier to HIV prevention
Rubber Gloves: Peril for some
HIV infected? Watch your magnesium levels
Early treatment pays $
National AIDS Treatment Information Project
No needles, please
Can AIDS be cured?
Law eases use of life insurance coverage for medical bills
Acting AIDS czar named
Needlestick exposure: Reducing risk of HIV
Needlestick injuries: Accidental work exposure

January-February 1997
Slowing the spread of HIV through Needle Exchange
Protein and Good Nutrition
Teen Scene
NAPWA advises know your drugs
HIV does not survive
Are you looking for good news?

September-October 1996
Blood Supply Safety
Free Booklet: Protease Inhibitor
French Catholics Rubber up
Staying Informed about Treatment
New Medications: Expensive, but...
A Pharmacy: Stadtlanders IIIV Drug Book
National CMV hot line
Watch lab levels using Vistide
APCASO moves to Bali

July-August 1996
Young and Positive: One Woman's Campaign to Educate Youth
Oral Sex: Is it Safe?
Scientists are Optimistic HIV can be Eliminated
FDA approves two new tests
AIDS Deaths rise in 24-44 age group
Drug of Choice
SEA-AIDS provides E-mail
New Address for GNP+
Asian Pacific Council of AIDS Service Organizations