Special Report : HIV Testing

Does your health insurance cover it?
A telephone survey was conducted in March 1996 at most medical insurers in Guam to find out if in fact any of them covered HIV testing. Here are the results:

Insurer and Source HIV Test Covered
Yes. Cannot exclude because FHP is federally qualified Health Maintenance Organization. (HMO)
Yes, for all accounts
Health Shield
Yes, for all accounts
Yes, for federal accounts; no exclusions allowed
No, for commercial accounts
Yes, if authorized and with medical justification
Yes, if authorized and with medical justification
No, except commercial accoounts of companies with 15 or more employees may opt to pay for coverage.

Where can I go for an HIV test?

Clinics, with the exception of Public Health, most probably will require an appointment. The time spent with the doctor or other designed health care provider should be used to get your questions answered and to receive guidance in your persoanl health care and how to avoid transmitting any infection to others. Public health in Mangilao has satff available to counsel individuals both before and after an HIV antibody test is done. The cost of an HIV antobody test and doctor's visit at a private clinis is liekly to be around $100 for anyone considered the self - payment option. The test for HIV antibodies at Publis Health clinis is free. During the survey, some insurers offered further information. Under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), treatment for AIDS cannot be an exclusion. If a person becomes HIV positive while under a plan, then medical treatment will be covered, however, there may be some limitations pertaining to off - island medical care. Open enrollment is the best time for a person who is HIV positive to apply for medical insurance because pre - existing medical conditions cannot be used as a reason for denial. Public Health is an option for persons without any medical insurance.

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