Drug of Choice

Peter Duesberg believes that treatment with the commonly used AIDS drug AZT is the worst thing for AIDS patients.

He says that the drug is too damaging for people with the disease, because their bodies have been harmed by drug abuse.

I his book, "Inventing the AIDS Virus," Duesberg compares a disease known as SMON, which borke out in Japan in the 1950's, to AIDS. "For 15 years the syndrome was mismanaged by the Japanese science establishment, in which virtually all research efforts weere controlled by virus hunters. Ignoring strong evidence to the contrary, researchers continued to assume the syndrome was contagious and searched for one virus after another,"he states.

Scientists eventually found that SMON was not caused by a virus, but by the misuse and overuse of the drug clioquinol for treating stomach disorders.

(Insight 3/11/96 Vol. 12 No. 10)

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