Teenagers are infected with HIV at an average rate of more than one an hour, according to a new report released by the White House Office of AIDS Policy.

The report urges strong AIDS education for childrenso they know how to prtect themselves later when they have sex or experiment with drugs.

"Kids are dying because adults are arguing about what to tell them about AIDS," said Miguel Bustos, one of the report's authors. Most U.S. schools provide some AIDS education, but many do not allow discussion of sexual intercourse, homosexuality, bisxuality, and condoms.

Conservative groups have criticized AIDS education of the facts concerning such matters is not inconsistent with also encouraging abstinence of delayed sexual activity.

If recommended HIV counseling for teens without parental conset, free or low-cost HIV tests for teens, and a board of HIV - positive teens advise on government services for teens.

(CDC Clearinghouse 3/6/96)

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