The Aisan Pacific Council of AIDS Service Organizations, located in Makati City, Philippines, is the regional office of ICASO, the International Council of AIDS Service Organizations.

ICASO's mission is to promote and support the work of community - based organizations in the prevention of AIDS and care and treatment for people living with HIV / AIDS, with particular emphasis on strengtening the response in communities with fewer resources and within affected communities.

ICASO aspipres to accomplish these objectives through information sharing, advocacy, and network building.

Teresita Bagasao, Secretary of APCASO said earlier this year "governments need to work in partnership witth community organizations and ensure that a supportive environment is in place to deal with the growing demand for effective care and prevention activities."

APCASO itself continues to expand with over 120 partner organizations in the region. APCASO's approach will be towards sub - regional development where local groups within each sub region take a pro active role in identifying, planning / developing and implementing their responses to sub - regional concerns, issues, and problems.

Core member organizations from each sub region become the focal point in the development of their respective sub - regional networks.

APCASO is also sponsoring a HUman Rights Initiative to interest more non - governmental organizations working with HIV / AIDS issues to integrate human rights issues into their existing programs.

The Human Rights Project has been funded by the Japanese Foundation for AIDS Prevention.

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