New address for GNP+

Earlier this year, the Global Network of people living with HIV /AIDS announced a move. Their new address, for those visiting Amsterdam is Wilhemina Gasthuis Terrein.

For those wishing to contact GNP+ by mail, their mailing address remains the same:

P.O.Box 11726
1001 GS Amsterdam, Netherlands

An e-mail address is also provided:


If you are HIV positive and know it and you also provide sexual services in return for a fee, you should know anout 1994 Guam law making prostitution under those circumstances a felony.

Section 28.10 (b)(3) of the Public Eindecendy law states: "A person convicted of prostitution who is determines to have known that he or she was infected with either HIV or AIDS at the time of the commission of the act shall be guilty of a felony of the first degree."

Such a law may do little to prevent HIV transmission. It may discourage HIV testing and it may deceive the public into believing that those who engage in prostitution are not HIV infected. This law will not protect you from HIV.

If you have sex with a prostitute or with anyone and you do not know their HIV status, the best prtection for HIV and other diseases during a sexual encounter is to perform safer sex or sex with a properly used latex condom. Safer sex can be any activity where there is no exchange of bodily fluids.

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