One World. One Hope

UN AIDS, the United Nations new joint programs on AIDS. has announced the theme for observing the 1996 World AIDS Day. The theme "One World. One Hope" is a call for a truly expanded response to the AIDS epidemic.

The theme emphasizes the need for people everywhere to put aside their differences and to work together to face the challenge of slowing down the epidemic and alleviating its impact.

According to Dr. Peter Piot, executive director of UN AIDS, there is evidence that efforts to care for people living with HIV / AIDS and to help others to remain uninfected have been successful. Better drugs and simple approaches to treat the most common symptoms of AIDS have been found.

In some European countries and in large communities in Uganda and Thailand, the number of new HIV infections have stabilized and even declined. Particularly effective approaches are a combination of several elements including in government backing protection for human rights and adequate resources grounded in community action.

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