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There is a pharmacy in california which is a principal distributor of one of the new inhibitors, Crixivan, manufactured by Merck.

Our readers who use HIV / AIDS treatment drugs may want to know about Stadtlanders Pharmacy.

Stadtlanders accepts the Community Prescription Service's discount drug card for a 20% discount on Crixivan (also known as Indinavir) They also carry a variety of other HIV / AIDS medications. They work well with health insurance companies and work to keep cost of medications low.

To inquire about the discount drug card or to obtain the Community Prescription Service's discount drug card you may call (800) 238 - 7878 or (800) 842 - 0502. The card provides discounts at 30,000 participating pharmacies and costs $18 per year.

For those with access to the Internet, you may also reach Stadtlanders Pharmacy at http://www.stadtlander.com

HIv drug Book

Project Inform has published a large paperback for people with HIV / AIDS: The HIV Drug Book.

It features information about drug interactions, holistic therapies, and nutritional information. It is illustrated and distributed by Pocket Books for $16.

the reference book describes all of the drugs being used to treat people with HIV, the effect of medications and other information about prescribed drugs.

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