Clinical Trials?

If you have HIV, you already have heard about the clinical trials searching for new medications and vaccines. Participation in these trials could be an important option for HIV - infected people on Guam.

Although generally physicians here have been reluctant to participate in such trials, that is no reason that participation couldn't or shouldn't happen here. Every clinical trial advances the research effort to find effective ways to prevent, delay the onset of, and treat AIDS.

If you or someone close to you is HIV infected and would like to stay informed about currently available HIV clinical trials in progress, you can call Clinical Trials Information Service at (301) 217 - 0023 or(800) 874 - 2572 for the latest information on HIV trials. The best time to call is Tuesday through Saturday from midnight to 10am Guam time. you may also fax this service at (301) 738 - 6616.

Another source for information is an organization called CenterWatch which operates a national and international listing of clinical trials in all therapeutic areas. For information on criteria, study description and study contacts visit the Centerwatch web site at

information is also available about trials in the State of Hawaii through the AIDS Clinical Trials Unit, 3675 Kilauea Avenue, Roof floor, Honolulu, HI 969816. Their phone is (808) 735 - 2751 or you can fax them at (808) 735 - 8529.

You could also contact the Hawaii AIDS research Consortium at 3675 Kilauea Avenue, Room 16E, Honolulu, HI 96816, Phone (808) 737 - 0036 or fax (808) 735 - 7544. The consortium provides community - based clinical trials through private physicians, outpatient clinics or community health centers.

For clinical trials only in california, you can obtain a copy of Trials Search, published by the University of California at San Francisco's AIDS Program located at san Francisco General Hospital.

You can reach Trials Search Staff by telephone at (800) 492 - 5777, (415) 476 - 5777 or learn more about Trials Search Staff on the internet at You can send an Email message to

Arrow also has pamphlets and other additional information about clinical trials. You can reach Arrow locally at 734 - 4080.

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