As we all look forward to seeing panels of the Names project in late November, Arrow thought that a quick refresher on the quilt could be helpful. Some people may be unfamiliar withe NAMES Project and the quilt which has been crafted with their guidance.

Before we are asked the question, "What is the quilt?" here is a glimpse:

All kinds of people have made panels for the NAMES project AIDS Memorial Quilt, in a variety of colors, fabrics and styles. You do not have to be a professional artist or a sewing expert to create a moving personal tribute. It doesn't matter if you use paint or fine needle work : any remembrance is appropriate.

Arrow has printed material on the steps to create a quilt panel. Locally please contact the Coral Life Foundation at 734 - 2437. For a copy of the instructions, please contact Arrow at 734 - 4080 or you can also contact the NAMES project Foundation at 310 Townsend Street, suite 310, San Francisco, CA 94107. telephone (415) 882 - 5500 or fax at (415) 882 - 6200.

United Airlines Sponsors Quilt for Washington DC

United Airlines has been named the official airline of the washington DC display of the NAMES Project quilt to be displayed in the national capitol from October 11 - 13.

Hundreds of thousands of people are expected at the unfurling of the quilt, which features 45,000 panels honoring the memory of people with AIDS. The quilt will cover the equivalent of 15 city blocks and be displayed over the National Mall.

United Airlines was first the major corporate gift in support of this event, providing travel for the staff of NAMES project Foundation which is the sponsoring group of Washington DC display, and discounted rates for the many volunteers who donate their time and efforts during regional quilt displays.

Proceeds from events like the Walk - a - thon on September 21st will help the coral Life Foundation to bring a quilt display to Guam in November.

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