Dear Santa, I would like a puppy, some software for my computer, and sega saturn with the game Virtual Cop also Wolverine. Maybe you can get me a music box with a ballerina inside and some spaces where I could put some stuffin. I want a dolpin, hermet crab, a little puppy with his ears hanging down, and a kitty hatching from an egg from the sea animal shop at the Hilton hotel and the CD's You'll always be my baby and Ride the choo choo train. Shariakiha *****************************************************************************

Dear Santa, How are you? I left some cookies for you on the table. Could you please try to give me some of these gifts for Christmas? I want a horse, clothes, bike, my own desk, canopy, and I want to have a little bit nicer family. Is that to much to ask for? Raenessa *****************************************************************************

Dear Santa, I would like a puppy, Game Gear, and a picture of my Granpa because he died on his birthday. He had a heart attack and died. Santa if you are God please bring my granpa back to life. Eric *****************************************************************************

Dear Santa, I have been a good girl this year. I moved from England to Guam do you know where I live. I want Checkup Charlie, dart bord, Xena outfit, dolphin pouster, wight bord, tv, vcr, Christmas snowball beach towl. My brother wants a drum set and train set. My sister wants a ski danser. My mom wants perfum. My dad wants after shave. Loni *****************************************************************************

Dear Santa, Last night I was dreaming of what I would get from you. Yes, I have been good this year. Will you bring me toys like dinosaurs, toy trucks, and my baby sister barbies? My brother likes the toy aliens from the movie Independence Day, so will you get him the toy aliens from the toy store? And remember what I say back...THANK YOU! Michael *****************************************************************************

Dear Santa, I wish I had a new computer, roller blades, a bracelet, a ring, and a bedroom of my own. If you could please at least make one of my wish come true. I also wish that my passport can come early so I could go with my grandpa and grandma to the Philippines. Jenna *****************************************************************************

Dear Santa, For Christmas I would like a football and a Barbie doll and a Barbie car and a soccar ball and a baseball and I would like a play house and I would like a swing. Thank You. I Love You. Josie *****************************************************************************

Dear Santa, I want a gameboy nintendo, and a couple of sonic the hedghog games for sega genesis. I want some games for the gameboy nintendo. One is killer instant that comes in the gameboy box. I also want Kerby's dreamland 2, Donky Kong 2, and Virtual boy teleboxer. I've been a good girl and can't wait to see you. Sarah *****************************************************************************

Dear Santa, I have been a good boy this year. How is Mrs. Claus? In your life have you gave anybody coal? I will leave out some cookies, carrots for your raindeer, and milk. Can I have these things below, please.

1. Brett Farve jersey 2. Goosebump books 3. Clothes 4. Baseball cards. Justin *****************************************************************************

Dear Santa, I'll leave you some milk and cookies on Christmas Eve. You won't need your coat because it's very hot on Guam. I hope you remember all the kids who don't have: homes, moms, dads, brothers, sisters, food, clothes, and toys to play with. Merry Christmas! And a Happy New Year! Megan *****************************************************************************

Dear Santa, Maybe if you get Exploriens for me. Please put it in my room. (please knock.) I like Killer Instinct can you get me it? You can carry dumbells - right? Can you get my dad some? And my mom she likes jewelry, can you get her a rubee or something? Oh, and my sister she'll like a doll or a teddy bear (She loves stuffed toys.) My cat will like a bouncing ball. Uh, gotta go! Have a merry Christmas with your mom! Jeffery *****************************************************************************

Dear Santa, Could you send a picter of you? I'll send a picter of me. I wish my bike to be a Viper. I wish my dogs Daze and Taz was here. I wish my granne and pope was here too. I wish I had Space Jam the movie. We're having a party at my house, Do you want to come? Please write back. I'll have cookies and milk for you? Merry Chrismas Santa Claus. Luke *****************************************************************************

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