Upi's Admission Requirements

When registering students in the Guam Public School System, parents must present the child's latest report card, health record (including the immunization record and record of a health exam done within one year of registration), a document that establishes date of birth, a letter from the mayor of Yigo confirming residency, a map showing place of residence and a GPA or PUAG bill with address showing.

Registration may not be completed unless all necessary documents are available. In addition to the documents, parents will be asked to complete several forms which require information on the student.

All students entering Guam public schools must have a physical examination and Tuberculin Skin Test done within the last 12 months. Shot (immunization) records must also be provided. Immunization must be completed and up to date.

Immunizations needed by children include:

1) MMR - Measles, mumps, rubella or
   MR  - Measles and rubella
2) DPT - Diphtheria/Tetanus/Pertusis or
   TD  - Tetanus and diphtheria
3) TOPV - Trivalent Oral Polio Vaccine
4) PPD - Pure Protein Derivative

Students will not be accepted for registration unless an updated immunization record can be provided. Requirements for Kinder: 5 DTP, 4 OPV, 2 MMR, updated PPD skin test done within one year in U.S. territory/within 6 months coming from non-U.S. territories (Philippines, Korea, Micronesia Islands, & etc.) and physical examination done within 1 year by a medical Doctor. School screening physical is not accepted. Please make sure physical form is dated, stamped and signed by M.D.

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