Claude Clown

This spring our class participated with about 16 other classes around the world in building a cyber-clown©. Each class was given a part of the clown to design and describe in 12 words or less to the other participants. Then everyone built their clown using all those descriptions, wrote a story about the clown and sent a picture and the story to everyone else on the team. (The project is copyrighted and moderated by Elissa H. Gerzog. She also does a similar project called Monsters, Monsters, Monsters© in the fall.)

This is our version of Claude and the story written by Jessica T., one of the members of our second grade class. We have had a great time with this project. It is especially fun to compare all the clowns made from the same set of descriptions, yet looking so different.

by Jessica T.
There once lived a clown named Claude. He wore a bowtie, suspenders, number pants, and some shoes that had glittery shoe-laces. And two holes. In his shoes.

He liked to do tricks a lot. One day, a boy came to him, and Claude said, "Would you like to see a trick?" "Yes!" said the boy. And Claude stood on a unicycle with one foot. "Wow!" said the boy.

Then, Claude got off his unicycle, and gave the boy a lollipop. "Gee!" said the boy.

One day, when the final show started, Claude was standing on a ball. Suddenly, he lost his balance! But he didn't fall off! He rolled...forward...the ball was wiggling...CRASH! Claude fell off. The ringmaster saw it all, and he kicked Claude out of the circus. You haven't heard the worst of it...the very next day the circus moved.

Poor Claude
One day, Claude saw a sign that said: Help! Need clown for circus. Please! "Yay!" said Claude. He was so happy he could explode!

At the new circus, Claude was able to stand up on his unicycle. "I love this circus!" he said. Everyone cheers for Claude the Clown!

The End!

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