I like Guam. It is fun to live in Guam because Guam is big and beautiful. And you could swim in a big beach and you could have lots of friends and there are big stores here to buy toys and things for your house and big buildings and hotels and swimming pool. You could buy lots of food to eat and games.
by Christian

It's hot on Guam. It's a nice place to go swimming.
by Nicole

I like to live on Guam because you can go to the beach. I like when it rains because you can play in it and it is fun.
by Michael

Sometimes it is nice to live on Guam, because it is sunny and you can play all day. Or swim. Sometimes it is too hot to live on Guam, because sometimes it is very sunny.
by Virginia

I like it in Guam. It is fun to play in Guam. I like to play with my friend. That is fun and I like to go to the beach with my mom and dad.
by Whitney

Guam is paradise. It doesn't snow. It's too hot.
by Rey

It is fun on the island of Guam. You get to swim alot at the beach, almost everyday, and you get to see all the pretty shells. Some of the shells have crabs in them.
by Elizabeth

Temperatures on Guam generally range from 75 degrees to 95 degrees Fahrenheit. Often there is a nice breeze so it doesn't seem as hot as the temperature sounds. In fact, some of us think we're cold at times! Most of the time the weather is perfect. There are two seasons, rainy and dry. The rainy season goes from April until December. Most typhoons seem to occur later in the season.
The people of Guam are warm and friendly. Fiestas are a good example of the generosity of the Chamorro people. You are always welcome to stop and join in their celebration and partake of the loads of good food. Family is very important and includes all the many people they "adopt."
by Mrs. Brown

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