Poems In Order As They Came In (Part 1)

Updated Oct. 27, 1996

***************************************************************************** Greetings to All From Upi Elementary School, Mrs. Brown's 3rd Grade Class Many children of the world Wrote this poem for you. Animals are friends to us, We hope you are too! ***************************************************************************** Upi Elementary, Yigo, Guam Purple, yellow, orange and green Is their color scheme. Tottots blend into the leaves Cooing noisily. Mrs. Bonnie Brown's Grade 3 *********************************************************************** A3-216, at P.S.279,Brooklyn, New York When they climb up the big tree, Squirrels are happy In Brooklyn they like to run, They have lots of fun! Harriet Stolzenberg's Grade 3 *********************************************************************** Buffalo Grove, Illinois, U.S.A. We're called groundhogs and woodchucks And prairie dogs too We are cuddly and cute And just might bite you! Mrs. Erickson's Grade 4 *********************************************************************** Fox Chase Elementary School, Hagerstown, Maryland Butterflies are beautiful We built a garden Butterflies are colorful Garden helps feed them. Pat Delaney's Grade 4 computer class *********************************************************************** Poquoson Elementary School, Poquoson, Virginia Poquoson mosquitoes Are a terrible pain; They bite lots of people, And drive us insane! Mrs. Richardson's Grade 3 *********************************************************************** Washington School , Johnston City, Illinois. Graceful, slender, attractive Is the white-tailed deer Eating bark, grass, leaves, and moss Beautiful and quick. Joanne Garross's Grade 2 *********************************************************************** Bedford, Nova Scotia, Canada Eagles have big wings and claws They live in tall trees. Eagles soar up overhead Brown, black, gold and white Mrs. Whytock's Grade 3 Furry mammals colored brown Beavers swim around Cutting trees to build a home Never live alone. Mrs. Gillespie's Grade 3 ************************************************************************ Picotte School, Omaha, Nebraska. The sandhill cranes migrate south. The whooping cranes join. The cranes eat fish with their mouth. They move in a flock. Pam Friedlander's Grade 5 (Brandon, Matt, Tara, and Leigh) ************************************************************************ Davisville Elementary School, North Kingstown, Rhode Island. Rhode Island Red; a rooster So fine and so proud, Comb so straight and crow so loud, First alarm clock found. Dianne Shamirian's Grade 5 *********************************************************************** Oswalt Elementary School, Walnut, CA Hungry rattlesnake needs food, His tongue was alert, Searching for a fat rat, Mr. Snake had lunch! Cathy Sutherlund's Grade 4 *********************************************************************** Peterson Elementary, Kodiak Alaska Do you see him standing there? Brown, big and scary. He's a Kodiak Brown Bear Eating wild berries. Family Computer Lab Kids, Grade 5 ************************************************************************ Our Lady of Mercy School, Rio de Janeiro, R.J. Brazil Macaw is a parrot. It mimicks people. Parrots are green, blue and red. It has a small beak. Carla Abreu's Grade 5 ************************************************************************ Mount Carmel, Kenora, Ontario, Canada. The beaver lives in a pond. He slaps his flat tail. He chews logs with his sharp teeth. His pelt is for sale. Mrs. Fawcett's Grade 3 ************************************************************************* Mentor, Ohio Cardinals are our state bird They are very red. We see them fly all around With crests on their head. Bonnie Carlson's Grade 2 ************************************************************************ Spalding Catholic, Alton, Iowa So bright yellow and black too, a beautiful sight. Flies all around Iowa A goldfinch, what else! Grade 3 *********************************************************************** Fairview Elementary, Sylva, NC. Oh My, Look. There's a racoon! All at once he chewed, Racoon quickly at the fish. What good tasting food! Sandra Deitz's Grade 4 *********************************************************************** Austin Area School, Austin, PA Whitetail deer are brown and white Forests are their homes They run and hide from hunters They eat grass and nuts. Karen Kelley's Grade 4 Enrichment class *********************************************************************** Sterling, Massachusetts Squirrels are gray, black and brown furry and playful. Squirrels like to eat acorns jump from tree to tree. There is a light colored deer who lives in Sterling. It is a fast running deer. It is very smart. Chipmunks are sly, small and fast. Chipmunks are furry. They gather nuts for winter. They like to chitter. Turkeys are yummy to eat. They live in the wild. Turkeys go "gobble gobble". Turkeys can't fly high. Grade 4 classes ************************************************************************* Coudersport Elementary School, Coudersport, PA 16915 Bobcats are large predetors, To small animals, They have short tails and tuft ears, They roam our Penn's woods. Karen Kelley's Grade 4 ************************************************************************ St. Bethlehem Elementary School, Clarksville, TN Hiding behind a black mask Is the shy racoon Tennessee's favorite creature Is mischevious. Paula Hayes's Grade 3 ************************************************************************ Lakefield Elementary School, Quispamsis, N.B. Canada The moose has big brown antlers. Stretching six feet wide. Roams forests of Canada. Symbol of our pride. Nancy Seamans's Grade 5 ************************************************************************ Wickford Elementary School, Wickford, Rhode Island. Soaring, diving, squawking birds, Sea gulls white and gray, Great fishermen of the sea, Gliding o'er the bay. Susan Gama's Grade 3 ************************************************************************ Kindred School, Kindred, North Dakota Our animal the Bison Is big, brown, and strong. Thundering herds roamed prairies In days that are gone. Connie Pieper's Grade 3 ************************************************************************ Ithaca Creek State School, Bardon, Queensland, Australia High up in flowering trees, Rainbow Lorikeets. Colourful Honey-eaters, Chatter noisily. Mrs Lorraine Clacher's Grade 2 ************************************************************************ Smith Road Elementary, North Syracuse, NY The Squirrel STOP...GO...STOP...GO...LOOK! Hide those nuts in any nook! STOP...GO...STOP...GO...HOP! Save them in your winter shop. Cold Weather coming. Nuts, seeds, and acorns hiding In his cosy place, Fur-tail blanket hides his face. Mrs. Swanson's Grade 1 ************************************************************************ Sterling Public School, Sterling, Nebraska The coyote yips and howls On Nebraska's plain Surviving, always thriving, Through sun, snow, and rain. Peggy Parde's Grade 6 ************************************************************************ Ben Sheppard Elementary, Hialeah, Fl Florida Panthers are wild Trees in swamps are home. They are endangered species And most live alone. Linda Wolfe's Grades 4 and 5 ************************************************************************ Kent Elementary, Carrollton,Texas It is the hour before dawn, and all through the land, The eagles are soaring high, wings wider than man. Mockingbirds wake with the sun in their bright black eyes. Singing the songs of others, more or less their size. Sharon W. Ouer's 5th and 6th LD/ED ************************************************************************** Edwin Forrest Elementary School, Philadelphia. PA A fox is a wild creature That has nice features The fox goes into his hole And votes for Bob Dole! Kathy Nell's Grade 5 ************************************************************************** Lincoln School, Hays, Kansas All rattlesnkes have black tongues They eat prairie dogs Sometimes they live in desert's They swallow their prey. Long ago 50 million Bison lived in herds. Very hairy, quick tempered. They are black and brown. Mary Ann Coyne's Grade 4 ************************************************************************* Alderwood Elementry School, Bellingham, Washington Bellingham is a great town, It's also our home. We respect it, and love it We're glad we live here. Mr. Schick's Room 5 (Bonnie, Teela, & Duong) ************************************************************************** Pioneer Elementary, Colorado Springs, CO This animal has green eyes. They're seven feet long. It lives in the big Rockies. It is a cougar. Grade 3 ************************************************************************** Western Salisbury School, Allentown, PA Falcons spread their wings and lift High up in the sky. Bold and daring, high and far How swiftly they fly. Mrs. Kathy Gutierrez's Grade 5 ************************************************************************** Edith Teter Elem, Fairplay, Colorado Big Horn Rocky Mountain Sheep Brave, nimble, agile Soft padded feet, big curly horns Strong, tan woolly sheep. Linda Vardas's Grade 4 ************************************************************************** St. Catherine-St. Mary's, Remsen, Iowa Raccoons are nice and furry, Cute and chubby, too. Raccoons eat a lot of corn. They are nice pets, too. Grade 3 ************************************************************************** St. James Day School, Texarkana, TX Armadillos have hard shells And live in the woods. Armadillos go searching At night for their food. Elizabeth Sevier's Grade 5 ************************************************************************** Lessenger Elementary, Madison Heights, MI These beautiful birds fly high Soaring in the sky, Going up making their way. They are the blue jay. Linda Fryer's Grade 5 ************************************************************************** Cartwright School, Phoenix, AZ Tarantulas: desert home; Build burrows, use traps; Painful bite, not poisonous; Spin silk, but not webs. Mrs. Nixon's Grade 2 ************************************************************************** Dr. Roland N. Patterson School, C.E.S. 230, New York, New York (Bronx) A bluebird comes in the Spring. It is our state bird. They can sing and spread their wings. Bluebirds make me smile. Ms. Tanner, Grade 3 Language Arts (Jose) ************************************************************************** Northwest Elementary, Huntington, Indiana The owl calls to warn the night. He stands still to hide. As he spreads his wings in flight. To his prey he'll glide. Grade 6 (Abbey) ************************************************************************** Orchard Grove Elementary School, Frederick, Maryland We're famous for the blue crabs, We're close to D.C. Schools are cool in Maryland, And it's near the sea. Cathy Knight's Grade 5 ************************************************************************** HCStorm Elementary School, Batavia, Illinois White Tail Deer our state's mammel Tail is very white, They are a kind of cool tan, Very sensitive. Jane Hankes Richards's Grade 4 *************************************************************************** Liberty International Studies Elem.,Pittsburgh, Pa Room 110 Brown deer's four long legs run fast Leaps, flashes white tail Fine meal's berries, plants, flowers In woods or your yard! Room 205 Swift in sky, dive at great speed. Catch prey with talons Homes are cliffs or skyscrapers Perrigine falcons Ms. Susan Johnson & 4th Graders ***************************************************************************** Adams Elementary School, Omaha, Nebraska Woolly Mammoth roamed the plains A long time ago. Now all there is left to see "Ashfall Fossil Show!" Kathy David's Grade 5 ***************************************************************************** Schwartz Elementary, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Big, beautiful, and so fast They are never last The Stallions are proud and strong Their mane is so long. Johnny Thompson's Grades 2 & 3 ***************************************************************************** Hilltop Primary School, Mound, Minnesota Black and white feathers are neat Perch and fish they eat They sing a musical tune Our friend the common loon. Tom Osborn's Grade 3 ***************************************************************************** Blessed Sacrament School, Midland, MI 'Twas the white tail deer roaming, Oh so carefully, Meadows and brush are their homes, Deer eat grass and corn. Carol LaChapelle's Grade 4 ***************************************************************************** Stoddard Elementary School, Beatrice, NE White tailed deer live on the plain Munching on some grain Their coat is tan, tail is white Runs away in fright Jackie Johnson's Grade 4 ************************************************************************* Bruning Public School, Bruning, NE The Bears are our school mascot. We are very proud. Bears like to roam around woods, Growling very loud. Shawna Garland's Grade 6 ************************************************************************* Warren Junior School, Essex, England Very nasty, naughty cat, Crafty black-blue eyes, So grumpy like a spoilt brat, With fuzzy, dirty hair. by Hollie (age 10) Cows grazing in a spring field, Very lazily. Weak calves waiting hungrily For hot creamy milk. by Katie & Deniz (age 10) ************************************************************************* St. John School , Albion, MI Albion is a small town in mid Michigan At St. John School we all are happy, busy kids! Karin Clemen's Grade 4 ************************************************************************* Thomas Jefferson 5th and 6th Grade Center, Springfield, Il Opossum, deer, and raccoons too Roam freely around, Sleeping, playing, wandering Making not a sound. Barbara Boosinger's Writing Club (Grades 5 & 6) ************************************************************************* Horicon School, Annapolis, CA Deer Faster than the flowing wind Gliding in the field Alert and watching, waiting Feasting on berries Jim Lieberman's Grade 5 & 6 ************************************************************************* Converse, Beloit, Wisconsin Day sleeper,night eater Badgers squeak at night Very wide and two feet long Agressive and strong Mrs. Murphy's and Ms. Harwood's Grade 5 Has a keen sight and hearing Most wolves live in packs They have long legs and big feet Provide pups with meat Mrs. Champion's Grade 5 ************************************************************************ Hudson Falls Middle School, Hudson Falls, New York. Rainbow Trout are beautiful Red, white, blue and green Fishing's great in New York State In our lakes and streams Marcia Krantz's Grade 6 ************************************************************************ Benjamin Cosor Elementary School, Fallsburg NY We have a baby brown bear. He has no brown hair. If only he could have hair. He'd look like other bears Miss Courtenay's Grade 2 ************************************************************************ Lincoln Elementary, Beatrice, NE The White Tailed Deer oh so near In Nebraska here. Antlers grow an inch each day In dear U.S.A. Mrs. Hopp's Grade 3 ************************************************************************ St. Rose School, Perrysburg, Ohio Cardinals eat sunflowers And sing a glad song They have a crest of feathers They're eight inches long. Mrs. Schoen's Grade 3 ************************************************************************

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