Poems In Order As They Came In (Part 2)

Updated Nov 3, 1996

************************************************************************ Bridgman, Michigan, USA. Robins are Michigan's bird, they like to eat worms. Moving their wings fast to fly, A mask on their face. Anne Tenerelli's Grade 2 ************************************************************************ Cloquet, Minnesota Eyes of gold, fur of silver Teeth of pearly white Eerie howls sing through the night Cunning, stalking wolves! Kris Sweetnam's Grade 4 ************************************************************************ Brownstown Central Middle School, Brownstown, IN As I look outside I see, A doe and her fawn looking at me, They tried to escape my intruding stare, And with a blink of my eye they weren't even there. I searched and searched but could not find, These two beautiful deer that left me behind. Still I wonder to this day, If they are happy far away. Mendy Stahl's Grade 6 ************************************************************************* Liberty Elementary, Midway, Georgia Sharp teeth, powerful jaws, claws. He doesn't have paws. It is an alligator Hissing loudly. Mrs. Youngo's Grade 3 Buzzards are very ugly. Buzzards are helpful. Buzzards are very funny. Buzzards are crazy. Mrs. Smith's Grade 5 I found thrasher in a nest, And he was my best, I sat him in my brown desk, Where he likes to rest. Mrs. Reece's Grade 3 ************************************************************************* Hearn Elementary, Frankfort, KY Lightning, wind, and silky hair Racing round and round. Thoroughbreds will never lose Bound for Churchhill Downs! Mrs. Ballard's Grade 4 ************************************************************************ Wilcox Elementary School, Lihue, HI Swimming in the Pacific Only near our home They are cute and soft when young Hawaiian Monk Seal Mrs. Anne Tanioka's Class ************************************************************************ DeMasi Middle School, Marlton, NJ. The day of hibernation, settled down in bed; Was a Chipmunk named Alvin Asleep in a shed. John Hampshire's Grade 6 ************************************************************************ Mill Park Elementary School Media Team, Portland, Oregon Beavers retrieve wood to build lodges around creeks; brown, chubby, furry and smart, they are hard to meet! Mrs. Weymiller's Grades 2 & 3 ************************************************************************ Western Heights Middle School, Hagerstown, MD Chesapeake Bay Retriever Is a hunting dog. To fast for the loggish type. With a coat like gold. Alan Zube's Grade 5 Talented & Gifted Class ************************************************************************* Turk Maarif Koleji, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus We have our pied wheatear we have the great tit. We have our Cyprus warbler and our own red sheep. Fabulous and amazing to see the Scops owl. Can spot you from miles and miles those dark piercing eyes. The moufflon is a red sheep roaming wild and free. With big horns and funny feet they're unique you see. We must protect and love them moufflon and warbler. They belong to our island the wild sheep and bird. I love all the animals either wild or not. But the donkeys of Karpas are my favourite. I live in North Cyprus I'm a wild donkey. I hope to see you one day maybe in Karpas. Cyprus great tit is my name Cyprus is my home. I fly over the high peaks birds all envy me. ************************************************************************ Mountain Valley Elementary, Canyon Lake, TX Nine Banded Armadillo Roams and digs at night. Wanders around eating bugs Curls up when in fright. Dorothy Matschek's Grade 4 ************************************************************************* Shenandoah Elementary School, Orlando, Florida Panther, Panther standing proud, Endangered big cats, Golden coats, yellow green eyes, Please help them survive. Carol Hilbish's Grade 4 ************************************************************************* Christ Prince of Peace School, Manchester MO. Big and strong with ears so long, Part Horse, Part Donkey, Plows until the sun goes down. Our Missouri mule. Mrs.Estes's Grade 4 ************************************************************************* Christ Prince of Peace School, Manchester MO. Honey bees black and golden, Honey bees are busy. Honey bees are rare to see, Our Missouri bee! Mrs. Mencin's Grade 4 ************************************************************************* Central Elementary , New Paris, PA Big, strong, mean and powerful Black bears do have fur Run away or you shall pay! In a cave he lays. ************************************************************************* Young Family Homeschoolers, Durham, NC Opossums hang in the trees Short-furred mammals, these Eat birds eggs, worms, garbage, mice With fifty teeth! NICE! Jamie - Age 8 Looking like mini black cats, Skunks eat things like rats. Spraying you with oily stuff, One whiff is enough! Kim - Age 12 Furry little grey squirrel, Winter's almost here Time to gather your acorns To last till next year. Our neighbor has bird feeders For birds far and near Cardinals, bluejays regal Visit him all year! Michelle - Homeschool Teacher ************************************************************************* Washington School, Bessemer, Michigan Sneaking through the forest dark Hunting for it's prey. Howling, Howling In the night That's the Timber wolf. Pat Filippini's Grade 3 ************************************************************************* Wooden Valley School, Napa, California Deer Gracefully prancing mammals Nibbling green grass They move with swift sleek motions Racing through meadows 6th grader Rattlesnakes Rattlesnakes are very small They are very smart Rattlesnakes can bite you Rattlesnakes are weak 3rd grader ************************************************************************* Martell and Morse Elementary Schools in Troy, Michigan This is about a white tailed Deer. Deer look like Bambi A deer likes to eat plants Tail goes up when scared. Mrs. Joan Porter's class ************************************************************************* Kamali'i School, Kihei, Maui, Hawaii Nene Nene Goose, Nene Nene Goose Feathers of white, black and brown Lives on a tropical island Lays eggs in a nest on the ground Marilyn Gilbert's Grade 3 Enrichment Program ************************************************************************ Lawrencetown Consolidated School, Lawrencetown, Nova Scotia, Canada It's found on our money That we spend to soon It is speedy and graceful It's titled the LOON! By Blair Deep in the darkest woods A wild grey wolf roams She is hungry and tired She's heading for home By Anya In our nice pretty province A ground hog lives here He looks chubby and lazy His burrow is near By Gillian In your cute little province There is a big bear A huge Blackbear with pretty Black furry long hair By Amy S. Steve Baskwill's Grade 6 ************************************************************************ Holgate Local School, Holgate, Ohio Bald Eagle Dark brown feathers with white head. Swoops down to catch prey. Their homes are trees near water. Our nation's mascot. Karen Brubaker's Grade 4 ************************************************************************ St. Mary School, Bedford, Ohio Graceful and swift prance the deer in my own backyard On our land eating our plants Pesky creatures dance Bonnie Svetlik's Grade 6 ************************************************************************ Sunset View Elementary, Kennewick, Wa Mustangs were tamed by cowboys. They were very wild. Brought to North America By Spanish people. Colleen Malley's Grade 1 ************************************************************************ Salem Avenue Elementary School, Hagerstown, MD Blue claws snapping at the waves. Crabby and crusty, Found in the Chesapaeke Bay. The Maryland crab. Miss Barne's Grade 3 ************************************************************************ Blessed Sacrament School, Midland, MI The Black Bear They might look so cute and warm, But looks can deceive, Their colors are like the night, If you see one, leave. Skunks Skunks are very curious, They are black and white, They really smell terrible, Sometimes late at night. White-tailed Deer A white-tailed deer walked past me It eats lot of grass Lives in forests and meadows Scrapes the bark off trees. Grade 5 ************************************************************************ St. George School, Tenants Harbor, Maine Brown with antlers, and long legs BIGGER than a horse Moose leave footprnts in the mud charging through the marsh Grade 3 ************************************************************************ Fourth Street Elementary, Athens, Georgia Walking, walking down a road. Saw skunk! Smelled bold! Running! Running fast away! Stink the rest of the day. Vicki Krugman's class ************************************************************************ Public School Huerta Mayor, Alicante, Spain The forest you must keep for the wild boar to live The kermes oak brown fruit is wild boar favourite meal With its brown furry camouflage it hunts small animals and it gives them a push my little wild puss Concha Fernandez's Grade 5 *********************************************************************** Wiscasset Primary School, Wiscasset, Maine Black bears have thick, shaggy fur they eat blueberries. They hibernate in winter they love their babies. Beth Saufler's Grade 4 *********************************************************************** Santa Rita, Los Altos, California. Bobcat, Bobcat you're so quick. Long claws and red tongue Short stubby tail, spotted black Santa Rita cat. Kelly Pellizzari's Class *********************************************************************** Paragon Elementary School, Paragon, Indiana Eagle, eagle is a bird. Flies around and down. An eagle goes, "Eee, Eee, Eee." An eagle lies down. Janet Sheppard's Grade 4 *********************************************************************** Centre Consolidated School, Nova Scotia, Canada Loons live in Nova Scotia. They are black and white They lay eggs in the springtime They nest in rushes. Mr. Langleys Grade 5 *********************************************************************** Fulton Catholic School, New York Look at the black masked racoon he hunts with the moon Searching for a big fat fish to fill up his dish Robin Lower's Grade 2 ************************************************************************ Bromberek School, Lemont, IL Deer Deer in the deep dark woods Going home hungry On the way it ate some bark It went to sleep then Mrs. Dranter's Grade 4 ************************************************************************ Bel Air Elementary School, New Brighton, MN Feathers black, feathers white, Necklace rings the throat Mournful cry is Loon's great sign They won't swim near your boat. Katie Johnson's Grade 2 ************************************************************************ Neah Bay Elementary School, Neah Bay, Washington Bald eagles like to eat fish Their beauty enchants Makahs use feathers for fans To complete the dance Mr. James Mobley's Grade 4 ************************************************************************ Holden Middle School, Holden, Missouri 'Twas the night before Halloween and all through the town Not a creature was howling Not even a hound. By Tricia, Jenny, and Michelle It was the night of Halloween And no one was near Not a creature was stirring Except the deer. By Sarah J., Larissa M., and Debbie S. It was the week before Easter Everywhere in the cabinet Everyone was up Except a sleeping rabbit. By Tamera and Angela It was the week before Easter Everywhere in the cabinet Everyone was up, Except a sleeping rabbit. Mrs. Riley's Grade 6 Reading Class ************************************************************************ St. Julie Billiart School, Hamilton, Ohio DEERS Deers rome about in this state, they are out at night their eyes will glow in the light, some have big antlers By Christy \/ \/ \o o/ __________\o/__ / \ / \______________ / | | | | ^ ^ ^ ^ Cardinals Some cardinals can be red. Some can be buff-brown. Some can live in another state. Some can live in town. By Jill .___. ( . . ) ( < ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) (_)( )(_) (_____) | | Alone a seven point buck Behind my ford truck still searching trying to see who I might just be a friend a hunter to fear why is he so near go away said the scared deer Gladly, I endeared By Nick ( ) O IIIIIII II II I I Butterflies Flying so graceful soft and sweet Colors are bright and dark They have colors in which they compete Butterflies flow with the wind By Katie . . / \ o / \ / o \ \ o / / v \ \ ../ \ ../ Doves Doves are very pretty birds. They fly in the sky. Doves like to eat seeds and worms. Doves are in my state. ___________ / O \ / \_____ / _____ \ | | ___________ / / / ___ | / / \ \ \____________________ / | | /|\ /|\ __________________________________________________________ Squirrel Lots of squirrels are cute and cuddly, other squirrels are ugly, some squirrels like to go nutty, some squirrels are funny By Eric )) ( ) ( ) ( ) (_)_________________/ \__ / o \__o /______ __________ ______ _/ \ \ \ \ /__= /__= Ms. Jean Stringer's Grade 6 *************************************************************************** Raffles Girls' School, Singapore In Singapore It was once "Singapura" Named after the "Singa" Supposedly a lion. Never mind if it was Or whether it was not For most take it as if it was A lion. There was a day In sunny Sumatra When Sang Nila Utama felt so bored He decided to go hunting. And go hunting he did And when he came to Temasek What did he see but A "Singa". And so Temasek was renamed Singapura The "Sea Town" became a "Lion City" And when the British came It was called "Singapore". So you can see The lion was great indeed For it gave its glorious name to our city And made it as strong as he. In Singapore It was once "Singapura" Named after the "Singa" Which made it as mighty as he. Jocelyn Huang, Grade 7 ****************************************************************************

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