A Shoe Story

A recent story topic for Mrs. Brown's second graders was to write about a shoe, sock or foot. The story was then put on a sneaker, sock and as many feet as the story needed. Here are a few samples of the result.

by Jessica T.

There once was a sock. He was new a long time ago. But now, he was old. When people pulled the sock off, it smelled so awful, it lit up the whole house! One day, the Mother said "I hate that sock! Throw it away!" She grabbed the sock (holding her nose) and went outside, and threw the sock away. A cat found the sock and reached for it, but then she hesitated. Slowly, she picked up the sock, and carried it home. She thought that the sock would make a good toy for her kittens. When she got to her home, the kittens were bored. She quietly snuck into the craft room, and made the sock into a puppet. She went to her kittens, and said, "Hello dears! Look what I brought for you!" The kittens looked at the puppet, and purred softly. The mother made it move and talk. And slowly, it became a good toy for the kittens.

The End

by Rey

There was a boy who had a shoe with a hole in it. When he stepped in a puddle all this water went into his shoe. Then, he stepped into a puddle and his foot got all wet. His shoe fell off. He just left it. It turned into an ant house. He saw it again. He put it on. Then, he got all these ant bites.

The End

by Jessica R.

One day when a shoe storekeeper put all the shoes together size by size, one of the shoes fell down. The reason the shoekeeper kept all the shoes separated was because THEY WERE ALL THE SAME! Same look, same price, same size! All except one. It was all white and plain. Her name was White because she was just white. She wanted glitter and sparkles on her shoelace! And some designs on her whole self. She wanted to be like the other shoes. Then someone took her home. It was a girl named Jenny. She loved to decorate shoes like the one she took home. Now the shoe was no longer called White anymore. Her name was Glitter! She liked her new name.

The End

Shoe and story by Luke
Once upon a time there was a pair of shoes of the future. There was a regular boy named Michael Jordan. He loved to watch the Chicago Bulls play on court. Tomorrow is M.J.'s B-day. Oh how he would love to have those shoes. He ran home. He couldn't wait until his B-day tomorrow. He raced his family upstairs. He woke up. He ran downstairs. Where is everybody Michael thought. Then everybody jumped up. Michael fainted and landed on the couch. He woke up. He saw a giant robot suit, a bike, roller blades, a basketball, a basketball hoop, and the pair of shoes. He fainted again and fell on the floor. He started to play basketball. He won every game. He played for the Chicago Bulls and won five championships. One day while playing basketball his feet said, "I don't like being with Stinky." Michael said, "Well, deal with it." So for the rest of their lives they lived happily and stinkily ever after!
The End!

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