Student Stories and Poems

Trickster Tales

The Dolphin and the Wolf
by Nicole Once there was a dolphin. One day a wolf came to the dolphin in the water. Before the wolf could speak the dolphin said come in the water. It is not deep. The wolf jumped in and drowned.

How the Whale Gets Tricked
by Ashley
Once upon a time there was a dolphin. She did tricks. She told the whale to go to seaworld and put on a show. He did not know what to do. So the whale and the seal planned a show. It was so good that the joke was on the dolphin.

The Raccoon and the Fish
by Jessica T.
There once was a raccoon that lived in an oak tree. He loved to eat fish. But there was one fish he longed to catch. It was the biggest fish he had ever seen. One day, he saw the fish swimming slowly along. "It's my chance!" he said, running to the river. The fish didn't see him run to the river and stop. "Come here fish, and I will tell you a solemn secret" he said. The fish came to him, and the raccoon scooped him up and ate him up. "Yum, yum," the raccoon said. I'm a trickster now!


The Bee and Jupiter
by Jessica T. There once was a queen bee that wanted a stinger. So, she collected the best honey from her honeycomb. Then she flew to the planet that Jupiter lived on. She gave Jupiter the jug of honey she had collected. Jupiter said, "Queen bee, thank you. For this, you may have one wish." "I would like a stinger, so whoever tries to steal my honey I can sting them. And please make it fatal," the queen bee said. So Jupiter gave her a stinger and said, "The wound shall be fatal, to you! Once you use your stinger, you will die from the loss of it." The queen bee learned that Evil Wishes Make Evil Consequences.

The Race
by Jessica R.
One day Lion and the rain forest friends were making a race for Cheetah and Leopard. When they came out they were ready. "Whoever wins the race will get a big piece of meat" said the lion. "On your marks, get ready, set, go!" said Lion. They were off racing through traps. They had no trouble getting through." Cheetah wins!" said Lion. Then Leopard started to cry. "Don't cry," said Cheetah. "I will cut my meat in half so you can have some too!" "Why thank you," said Leopard. "Your welcome," said Cheetah. Then Lion said, "Let's have a party!"


The Dolphin and the Little Girl
by Jessica W. One day Mary found a glass dolphin laying on the street. Mary washed the dolphin with her mom's towel. After that Mary placed the glass dolphin with her mom's big collection. Then she went to bed. Suddenly the dolphin became real. Luckily the dolphin had the power to make a pool for himself. He stayed there just watching little Mary sound asleep. Just before sunrise the dolphin slowly turned back into a glass dolphin and the pool disappeared. At the crack of dawn Mary woke up. She saw the dolphin move, the dolphin fell to the floor. Mary quickly ran after it. She reached her arms so she could reach for the dolphin. Then the dolphin hit the floor before she could reach it. Mary felt very bad. Suddenly something sparkled inside the dolphin. Then a pool of water appeared right near her and her glass dolphin turned into a real dolphin and they lived happily ever after.

The Raccoon and the Badger
by Jessica T.
Once there was a raccoon that lived in a cave that was made out of four big boulders on a bigger boulder that had a flat surface. Nearby, there lived a badger that lived in a hole underground. One night, the raccoon saw the badger leave to find food. "He must be my cousin!" the raccoon said to himself. The next day, the raccoon knocked on the badger's door. The badger came out and said, "Hello?" "Are you my cousin?" the raccoon asked. "Me? Cousin? No way. I'm a badger," the badger said. And he went back into his cave. The raccoon followed him into his cave. "SCRAM!" the badger said. "You are not a badger!" So the raccoon went home sadly. But one day, the two of them became best friends.


Foxes in the Woods
by Jessica T.
Baby foxes like the woods, Because there is no woulds or shoulds. The mother fox likes her babies, Because she keeps them safe from rabies.

Baby Gorilla
by Rey
Baby gorillas are so small, That the mom can't see them all, Except one that was about to fall!

The Raccoon
by Nicole
Raccoon came to the creek, Jumps in and makes a streak. He tries to catch some fish, He brings it home and puts it in a dish.

The Leaf-Cutter Ant
by Jessica T.
There is an ant that collects leaves, From the plants and from the trees. When the leaf is neatly bit, All of the ants will eat it.

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