The Whole World by Raenessa (3rd grade)

What I'd Do If I Were President of the United Nations

I would make us all free no matter what your skin color. Try to give all the poor people money, clothes and food. Then I would try to give them a nice life, and always try your best, at everything and mostly sports because they keep you off drugs. And try not to let anybody who doesn't need to have drugs not to have them.

If I were president I would make more laws. I would lower the taxes and make new taxes like a fee of $100 for anyone with weapons like guns, knives and bow and arrows. I would make peace with everybody. I would save trees and animals. I would make more hospitals and clinics. I would give the homeless people homes and the people who have no food some food. I would have more security systems and give airports it so no one can sneak bombs on the airplane. If I were president I would be a good president.

If I were head of the United Nations program I would stop wars. Then the people would shake hands and people will live in peace and harmony forever. I would shelter people, give them food, clothes, shoes, beds, pillows and blankets. I will also take care of them during the war when they got a cold if they're sick or if they got pink eye. United Nation's Day is when people would stop the wars so there would be peace and harmony forever in the world. There shouldn't be any wars because if some of those people have a family and they die, that will break the families heart and make them sad for a long time.

I will stop all the wars and fighting because innocent people die when there is a war. I will bring peace to the whole world so everyone will be happy and children will have a chance to grow up and experience what does it feel to be a grown-up. I will help to make the world a better place to live in and bring people together and also try to make their community a better place.

I would make everybody free. I would not let anymore wars happen or people shoot each other. Give poor people money, clothes, and food. Let people have fun no matter what. Tell people to try their best at sports and arts and crafts. Love each person and animal. If I was president of the U.N. I would not make people smoke or have guns in their pockets.

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