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From the Desk of the Exalted Ruler - B.P.O.E. #1281
For the month of September:
BPOE #1281 has the privilege of enjoying visits of the Past State President from Oklahoma
‘Brother Joe Wilson.’ He has recently moved to Guam with his wife and four children and plans
to continue his involvement with elkdom here at our lodge. Even if he is just a visitor, all of us at
BPOE #1281 extend him a warm ‘Welcome.’
We have been working with our auditor to account for our expenses and we have just recently
add an accountant to review all of our lodge money handling procedures and he will provide all
concerned with SOP’s. You maybe able to drive a car without much instruction but when it
comes to our accounting books our members are going to have what is needed to get the job
accomplished the first time.
There is a great need for members to HELP with youth committees: HOOP and SOCCER
SHOOT, Drug Awareness and Scholarship. We also need help with our VETERANS
Committees if youth isn’t for you.
If nothing else PLEASE try to attend at least one of your meetings a month and enjoy the
Does anyone have any ideas for a Christmas Party?? Let’s start planning for one soon!!
Our last membership drive steak night brought in two new applications and the promise of more
to follow. Your Est. Leading Knight Jesse Pangelinan cooks one of the best T-bone steaks in
town and you can enjoy this treat on Saturday, October 2nd and October 30th starting at 6:30
p.m., with ballroom dancing starting at 9 p.m. – music by the Kapaz Band. They have been doing
a good job at the Top O’Mar on Friday nights, so come and enjoy the festivities at YOUR lodge
and try to bring a prospective member with you. Last time, for safety’s sake you would have seen
your ER sweeping and mopping the dance floor with skinny handled items, to the beat of some
very good music. Dance instructors will be available if your feet feel the need because it must be a
sin to let good times like this go to waste and besides that who are we to be shy!
Fraternally, Emory
For the month of August:
The ‘Summer of 1999’ has provided many opportunities of involvement for the members of BPOE 1281.
It began with donating ten ‘baby think it over’ baby simulators and supplies that will be used by school children here to help deter teenage pregnancy. Check it out on the web at www.btio.com.
Next, Flag Day prepared by Est. Leading Knight Jesse Pangelinan and his outstanding committee.  Our Governor / member Carl T.C. Gutierrez  leading the list of dignitaries and Rear Admiral Jonathan Greenert presenting the keynote address. Music was provided by the Guam Territorial Band and songs by Ms. Flora Baza Quan.  The colors were presented by several sharp color guard teams. Dignitary escorts were provided by young ladies from the Girl Scout Council. Also, BPOE 1281 presented flags for use at our local Veterans Cemetery at Piti, where we have adopted the flag standards there for care and upkeep as our ongoing salute from the ELKS to our Veterans.  It was an exciting and patriotic day that many enjoyed, as was the refreshment table set by our ladies, headed by Mrs. Rose Newby.
Next, onto Kansas City, MO, for the 135th Grand Lodge National Convention with Billie Newby, PER and his wife Rose, Roy Johnson, Secretary, PER & PGT and my wife, Jeanette attending with me.  The Sunday evening opening was each state’s chance to shine as their representative carried in their state, territory, or location colors.  Our Guam flag was given a warm reception with the help of our delegation and CHEA friends. It was a proud moment in my life to be able to wave our colors at such an event.  I want to thank all of our members for the privilege to represent you and our lodge.  The G.L. sessions added interest by presenting the National Hoop Shoot winners, Whitney Gaston – girls 8-9 and Matt Ihler – boys 12-13. Elks National Foundation ‘Most Valuable Student’ Tia Guber (f) and Robby Schwindt (m) these two students gave excellent speeches that made ELKDOM proud that we provide programs to our nation’s students. Then we were treated to a speech  by Medal of Honor recipient Capt. Roger Donlon, US Army (Ret.).  He spoke of team work, sacrifice and love of our flag.  All were given standing ovations.  Afterwards, I am happy to report that they were wearing a BPOE 1281 lodge pin.  The last day of the G.L. session was also eventful with only some measures recommended by G.L. committees receiving an approving vote and then a warm welcome was enjoyed by our new GER James C. Varenhorst and his officers.  GER Varenhorst has been the G.L. secretary for the past ten years and we wish him well as we venture into the next millennium.
During the evening hours there were many ‘Hospitality Rooms’ for all to enjoy.  It is a much favored ritual that endears all Elks to partake of, at least once in your life.  Meeting with members from CHEA was most enjoyable. At the ER’s Ball, Jeanette and I enjoyed talking with Hon. Don Dapelo, PGER and he spoke of his trip to Guam and extends a warm Hello to all and introduced me to members Joe Urban and Tom Ryder to name a few, that I can remember at this point.  I also had the pleasure to meet  Fred Oakes, Editor, of “The Elks Magazine” and he wants news about Guam and especially the ‘Baby Think It Over’ program – our Freddie Van Dox, PR chairwoman will give him all of our good stuff – Yeah, for BPOE 1281!  I also enjoyed discussions with  Jim O’Kelley, Director, Elks National Foundation; Frederick Mensch, Director of Internet Operations and Marty Robertson, Member G.L. Membership Committee.  I can sense that my email will be busy and if any of you have suggestions please reach me at jetanos@netpci.com.  I welcome the opportunity to serve you and ELKDOM.
The best message that I can bring to you from all the G.L. sessions, comes from the GER himself – “…we need more members!”  I ask you, how else can this great fraternal organization continue to provide for ourselves, our communities as well as our local and national civic programs?  It can only happen if you and I accept that worthwhile sacrifice builds an enjoyable unity among members. Honoring  the national theme “Elks Care – Elks Share” will happen with positive involvement from members like you.  Many veterans rallied to the call ‘Uncle Sam wants you’ - the time has come for Elks to rally for ELKDOM. BPOE 1281 will hold a ‘kick-off’ membership drive Steak-night on August 7th, with another to follow on Saturday evening August 28th , chaired by Jesse.  Please call the Lodge at 477-6355 for more information.
Emory Tanos, ER