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Frank, AH0W, is a supporting member of MIDXA, and is a well known DX'er and DX'peditioner. Frank also holds the calls OH2LVG, ZF2FS, PJ8X, XE2FIN, and 4J1FM. He has conducted and participated in many DXpeditions, including Market Reef OJ0, Aland Island OH0, Finland Special Events OF2C, Malyj Vysotskij Island 4J1FM/4J1FW, Revillagigedos XF4M, Dutch Sint Maarten PJ8X PJ7/OH2LVG, Albania ZA9B, Midway Atll AH4/AH0W K4M, Kure Atoll K7K, and Laos P.D.R. XW30 XW30(A).

AH0W is the chairman of the Midway-Kure DX Foundation, which is a support organization for Pacific area DXpeditions, and is currently working on the up-coming DXpeditions to Rodrigues 3B9 and recently announced Kingdom of Bhutan A51.

Frank is also the chairman of Project Goodwill Albania, a support organization for the Albanian Amateur Radio Association.

HF awards held by Frank include 5 Band DXCC, Honor Roll, CQWW and ARRL contest awards, the the 1998 International DX'er of the Year Award from the New Orleans International DX Convention.


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