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Gary, K9AW/KH2 is a charter member of MIDXA. Gary has held the honor of being THE most active DX'er in Guam for many years. Gary has been in Guam since 1984, and has held the calls of NY6M/KH2, KH2L, and NH2G. Gary was born in Chicago, Illinois and until his retirement in the Philippines, he will be a permanent resident in Guam. Gary is active in all the major contests and although most of his operating is CW, he is active on all the HF bands and on all the different modes, with the exception of SSTV, which he intends to try soon. If you find a pileup and KH2 is the DX, it is very likely to be Gary on the business end, as he never tires of working the pileups. Gary has also made some interesting contest and DX trips to other places in Pacific, such as V63, KH4, and DU6. At the present time, Gary is concentrating his operating times on the WARC bands, mostly on CW. QSL to Gary via WF5T.

UPDATE: On June 24, 1998, Gary retired and moved to the Philippines. Gary will be missed, both by his fellow hams in Guam and also by hams all over the world looking for a contact on a new band or a multiplier in a contest. Gary was the most active HF operator ever from the island of Guam. Gary will be active again in a few weeks from his new QTH in DU6 land, so look for him on the bands.


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