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KH2A, Harvey, is a charter member of MIDXA. He has been in Guam since 1958 and is a permanent resident of the island. Harvey was born in Palau, where he still holds the callsign T88EX. His previous call from Palau was KC6CH.

Harvey enjoys rag chewing, especially with stateside stations and can usually be found on the 20 meter band with his antenna pointed in that direction. KH2A was introduced to HF contesting in 1987, when he loaned his station to Mike, KC7V for a contest. Mike made a lot of contacts that weekend, but Harvey didn't get much sleep. Ask him to tell you that story if you hear him on the air. My first contact on HF from Guam in 1986 was from Harveys station, which, at the time, was an Icom 740 and a TH6DX beam. Matter of fact, my first 900 contacts were from Harveys station, on 15 meters, all in one weekend, and it wasn't even a contest weekend. My call at the time was WB3IXC/KH2 (now KH2D) so I used Harveys call because it was a much better call for DX. Harvey really enjoyed all those QSL cards he received (I hope).


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