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Jim and Muttsy in the Shack

Create Tribander

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Jim, KH2D is the current president of MIDXA and is one of the most active DX'ers on the island of Guam. During the last sunspot cycle, Jim was also a very active HF contester and the contest bug has bitten him again, so look for him in the major SSB and CW contests in the coming years. If Jim disappears during a pileup, stick around, he probably just got tired of Muttsy tugging on his pants leg and took her for a quick walk. Jim was born in Washington, D.C., and has been a permanent resident of Guam since 1985. Jim operates mostly CW and a little SSB on all the HF bands and is sometimes active on 50 mhz. Last winter season Jim managed some contacts on 160 meters from Guam, mostly with the west coast of the U.S. and a few with Europe but limited space makes a good 160 meter antenna a difficult project. Plans are on the drawing board for another 160 meter antenna for this winter season. Maybe. Current antenna farm (this week) includes a Create tribander, Butternut HF2V ground mounted, and a DL1VU windom. KH2D's shack also hosts the Guam MIDXA PacketCluster node. QSL via Jim's manager, Ted, K8NA, who has computerized logs that contain over 70,000 contacts dating back to 1986. Send Email to KH2D. Click HERE to see a special QSL card.


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