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Danny Does Chi Chi....

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Danny, KH2JU, is the current Secretary of MIDXA and one of the most active DX'ers on the island of Guam. Danny can also be found at times on one of Guam's golf courses doing his Chi Chi imitation. On the air he can be found mostly on the high bands operating SSB, RTTY, and SSTV. Also look for Danny to be active in the major SSB contests. Danny was born in Manila, Philippines and has been a permanent resident of Guam since 1971. Danny is also active on the 18 and 24 mhz WARC bands and 50 mhz. Operating times for Danny vary. He checks the bands in the morning before work, is very active in the evenings, and has been known to sneak home for lunch for some quick DX contacts on one of the HF bands. Danny is a regular on the KH2D node of the packet cluster network. His main HF radio is a Yaesu FT 1000D and his antenna farm is always in a constant state of change. Current antennas include a Force 12 Quad Bander, and a 5 ele six meter beam. QSL direct to Danny at his callbook address. Danny is also our resident tour guide and enjoys meetings with hams who are here visiting the island. Email KH2JU 


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