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Dave, N2NL/KH2, is an associate member of MIDXA. As a member of the US Coast Guard, he is just beginning his second tour on Guam. He is stationed onboard the USCGC Galveston Island, a 110' patrol boat. As a 2nd class petty officer, he is in charge of the engine room onboard the ship. When underway, he frequently gets to visit the inhabited and uninhabited islands of KH0, as well as trips to V6, V7, and T8.

On the radio, Dave enjoys contesting, primarily on CW but also SSB. He has alot of contest experience, and is also a lifetime member of the Frankford Radio Club, the top scoring contest club in the world for several years. He has won many contests and set several records from NJ while operating both single op and as part of the multi-multi team at N2RM. In between contests, Dave can usually be found DXing and working the pileups on the WARC bands. He is also a big fan of 160 meters, and promises to put KH2 and KH0 on top band in a big way sometime during the remainder of his 2nd tour in this part of the world.

Dave will not leave Guam until the year 2000 at the earliest, and promises to be extremely active during his tour here. In his first 3 months on island, although he was only able to be active about 50% of the time, he made more than 6,300 QSOs. QSL via W2YC. Send EMAIL to Dave.

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