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Ron, N4GFO and Wanda, KF4TUF are MIDXA Supporting Members from Jacksonville, Florida. Ron and Wanda met when they were both stationed on the island of Guam with the U.S. Navy. Ron was very active with the MARS program while stationed in Guam. Ron and Wanda were active in the local ham club in Guam and enjoyed participating in Field Day activities from WH2U's beach.

Ron and Wanda are now the proud owners of a home with a 1.2 acre lot in the Jacksonville, Florida area. Ron has been busy installing a 70 foot tower, with a 40 meter thru 10 meter HF beam, and VHF/UHF beams. Ron and Wanda have two pets, a dog and a cat, named Boomer and Icom.

Ron has been active on the high bands during daylight hours and on 40 and 80 meters during the evenings. He says working Europe is no problem from the east coast but so far, the Pacific has been another story. We are waiting for the sunspots to start coming back so we can get on the air and chat with Ron and Wanda.

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