Ken, N4UK is a supporting member of MIDXA. N4UK was KH2F in Guam during his enlistment in the U.S. Air Force, and he enjoyed contesting and DX'ing from Guam. Ken was originally licensed as WB2KQO and has held the calls NP4JV,KH2F,KP4XS and now N4UK. Also holds the call WP3X for yearly contest efforts from his Puerto Rico QTH. Ken and his wife Deanne, KH2CQ, now reside in South Carolina, where he still enjoys contesting and DX'ing and working on his antenna farm. KH2CQ's family reside in Guam, and a trip is planned in the near future to visit Guam. His latest antenna project is a pair of phased 80 meter verticals, and he has a booming signal on that band in the Pacific. During his stay in Guam, Ken also made a few side trips to KH4 and VQ9 for a bit more DX.


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