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Bill travels extensively and enjoys DX'ing from different locations whenever possible. During past years, prior to Midway Island being opened for public access, Bill was one of the few who operated from KH4 on a steady basis. He has also provided many QSLs from Johnston Atoll/KH3. His first QSOs from Guam date back to 1978. He prefers CW with his "bug" but does operate SSB. Bill is presently on an open-ended visit to Guam, having arrived in September 1997.

Photos here show Bill's 8th floor antenna farm overlooking the Philippine Sea and modest shack. He has 167 worked and counting with his Outbacker Junior skyhook and IC-720A (100W) transceiver. Bill is particularly pleased to have confirmed FR/T, XT, ZB, 9J, C6, CT3, 7Z5OO,LX, IS0, and A45 with his present configuration. Bill may be contacted by e-mail at wmyerso@aol.com. He is very competently and efficiently supported by his QSL manager, Dick/N6FF. 

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