Rocky The QRM Midget

Jun in the Shack

Jun's Antenna Farm

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WH0V, Jun, is the current vice president of MIDXA. His previous call was WH0AAV. Jun was born in Manila, Philippines, and has been a resident of Saipan since 1977. He was first licensed in 1993. Jun operates on all the HF bands, including the WARC bands and is an active contester on HF. WH0AAV also holds the callsigns DU1WHO in the Philippines and KC6WG in Palau. Rocky (center picture above) may be little, but if he's in the shack and decides to make some noise, you will hear him. Jun's HF antenna farm consists of a Mosely tribander with 40 and a few WARC bands added, and a dipole for 80 meters, all of which are up 50 feet on a homebrew (yes, homebrew !) crank up tower. The top of the tower sports a pair of two meter yagis, which were used in December of 1997 to make the first ever VHF packet radio contact between Saipan and Guam. You can contact Jun via EMAIL.

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