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Volume 2 Number 1 - January 1999
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Club News
HAPPY NEW YEAR !! - 1998 was a great year for MIDXA and for all the hams in the Mariana Islands - NO TYPHOONS! After the 1997 typhoon season, we were all very pleased to sneak by without having to do any antenna work. 1998 was a year during which MIDXA lost a few of it's local members, as the economic slump in the Mariana Islands has caused a lot of people to leave paradise searching for paychecks elsewhere. We were also joined in 1998 by supporting members in other parts of the world.

NEW CLUB MEMBERS - We would like to welcome the following new members to MIDXA - Ernie, DU1COO and Ed, DU1ODX.

MIDXA's DVK Software - Jeff, N4UQM, has updated our DVK program to include a TXDELAY, which was requested by hams using the program for meteor scatter, and added a choice of RTS or DTR keying. The new version is downloadable from the club web page.

JANUARY is dues month. - Dues for 1999 are $20.00. Members wishing to renew MIDXA memberships should try and have their dues paid during the month of January. Guam members see WH2U or KH2D. Saipan members see WH0V. Off island members can send their yearly dues to:

P.O. Box 25666
GMF, Guam 96921

Please make checks payable to "John van der Pyl", (WH2U, who is the club treasurer.)

Visiting DX'ers
In October we were visited by a group of hams from the second call district in Japan. They spent some time operating on HF and six meters during the VK/ZL contest, but also enjoyed some vacationing and some shopping while here in Guam. They were active in the contest using the call KH2F. Hams we met during the visit were:

JA2TBS/KH2F, Kato (Masa)
JH2CMI/N2MI, Hirano (Masa)
JH2SON, Yuji
JO2OUQ, Matsukawa
JL2WNA, Yoshida (Ted)
JJ2MST, Ookita (Cub)
JH2KDP, Hibino
JA2MMK, Kojima

We enjoyed meeting and visiting with them while they were here, and a good time was had by all. General consensus seemed to be that KMart was more fun than Duty Free Shoppers.....

Ham Radio News
The F.C.C. has closed the comment session on license restructuring in the U.S. 1999 should bring about some changes that we are all waiting to hear about.

The F.C.C. has also announced that 1999 will see a major change in licensing forms, with the implementation of a new system, new forms, and electronic filings. Vanity rates have also been reduced, which has reopened the flood gates at Gettysburg.

SSTV from Space - The Russian manned satellite, MIR, has been transmitting SSTV pictures on the 2 meter band. For info and to see some sample pictures, visit

On The Bands
We continue to move towards the cycle peak, and the HF bands also continue to show improvement. Ten meters has been open for the last few months with world wide propagation, and six meters is also beginning to show signs of the coming peak.

The contest season during October and November produced some excellent weekends for DXing. The low bands are also showing improvement in December, with east coast U.S. and European signals being heard in the Pacific on a nightly basis.

Items For Sale
Any club member wishing to list items for sale should email the info about the items to KH2D. If you have digital pictures of items for sale, I'll be glad to add them to the web page.

Miscellaneous ham stuff for sale at:

On The Web
In this newsletter I will try and list a few Internet resources that I find helpful and I that I think other club members may find useful also.

AC6V Index - The place to find ham related web pages.
Callbook servers - QRZ and BUCK
Click here for
FCC Forms
Click here for QSL Bureaus
Contest calendars and info can be found at
LA9HW Contest Page
Contesting Dot Com has some interesting stories and pictures
And finally a web page that lists links to lots of ham software you can use with your
SoundBlaster card.



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