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Volume 1 Number 4 - October 1998
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Club News
GUAM MIDXA PACKET NODE - the packet node in Guam is alive and well. Steve, K6AW, donated a DRSI packet TNC to MIDXA which we will send up to Saipan. We still need to get hooked up with somebody in Rota to try and get permission for a node there. There are currently no hams in Rota that we know of, so if you happen to bump into somebody, please let me know.

NEW CLUB MEMBERS - We would like to welcome the following new members to MIDXA - Frank, AH0W - Kazu, JA4CZM - Enrique, KB9LHT, and Jun, JH4RHF.

MIDXA LAPEL PINS - We still have plenty - anyone wishing to purchase pins can email MIDXA for info.

MIDXA QSL CARDS - The first batch is back from the printer. The cards looked great, and there is a page at the web site for anyone interested in getting MIDXA QSL cards. We do the artwork here in Guam and email it to the printer, so if you are interested in ordering cards, email MIDXA. Cards come in two flavors, report box on the front, or computer label on the back.

Congratulations to Jun, WH0V, on his new call sign. Jun was WH0AAV.

Items For Sale
Icom 751A HF radio w/tone encoder, internal PS, CAT interface, CW & SSB filters, voice option, crystal oven and service manual - $750.00 Icom IC-27A 2M FM radio - $175.00 Kenwood PG-3G line filter - $35.00 Kenwood PC-1A Phone patch - $50.00 486 computer - $250.00 Contact Ron, N4GFO for all the previous items.

On The Web
I did some surfing the other night looking for DXpedition web pages. Here's what I came up with. Some are very interesting, just click the call to go visit.

The ARRL website now contains a private 'Members Only' section. You'll need your QST magazine to register when you visit the first time. If you are a member, you'll find a Webzine, product reviews from QST in Adobe format, and some other articles you won't find on the regular ARRL web. Visit:


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