MIDXA Selected Links

LINKS, LINKS, and more LINKS - every web page everywhere seems to have links. Some web pages have nothing but links - no content, just links. The MIDXA pages were created in the hope that visitors would learn a little bit about ham radio and the hams in the Mariana Islands. Hopefully, before you followed your mouse to this page, you have taken the time to view some of the content of the MIDXA pages, and hopefully you found something interesting. The MIDXA pages were intended to be about MIDXA - it was never an intention to make this site a launching pad into cyberspace. But in my travels around the web, I have a visited a few pages that are just too good not to share with everyone else. So this page was created to point to a few sites that I hope everyone will enjoy as much as I did. I will add a link to these pages on occasion, but not many......


5V7A - The VooDoo Contest Group. Ever wonder what all is required to do a major DXpedition? Visit these interesting web pages to find out about the 5V7A effort to the Republic of Togo for the 1998 CQWW Contest.


ClubLINKS - A selection of links to Contest, DX, and ham clubs all over the world.


THE DX Porthole - lots of pages and lots of interesting reading about DX and DX'ers - both present and past. Put your feet up on the desk and enjoy some good hours of reading here......

THE ANSWERS ARE HERE - any True Blue DX'er needs to visit this page. Let the QRP'ers, the Old Timer, the Palos Verdes Sundancers, and Red-Eyed Louie show you the way.


THE N5AU STATION TOUR - most hams dream about big antennas. Few ever have antennas as big as the ones that they dream about. George, K5TR, has put together an interesting page about one of ham radios super stations. On this page, one picture is worth a lot of aluminum. If you've ever wondered what a real antenna looks like, then visit this site to see for yourself.

THE ECE 480 HOME PAGE - where a picture is worth a thousand and twenty four words. Glen, K4QNL, is a ham but is also a teacher with an obvious love for both teaching and electronics. If you are interested in electronics, and have wondered what the term 'content' means when applied to web pages, then you will definitely enjoy a visit to Glen's web site.

THE AC6V HAM & DX REFERENCE GUIDE. If you have bookmarked a hundred or so ham radio related sites on the web, you can throw away all your bookmarks and add this just this one. Rod, AC6V, has done all the searching for you, and assembled it into 70 pages that contain over 2,000 links to just about everything ham radio related you could imagine.