We have decided on two types of cards - one for computer labels on the back, and one with the QSO info hand written on the front of the card. First, the computer card, in tan, with black ink:


This is the regular card with the QSO information written on the front of the card:

Everything above the QSO info box is standard. You can have anything you want printed below the QSO info box. Since we are doing the artwork here, it's easy to customize the card anyway you want it. The QSL info box and the screen for the logo has to stay the same.

If you want to order cards I need the following info for the card artwork:

QSL manager if you have one

How many cards you want. We are trying to do MINIMUM orders of 3,000 (which keeps the price down). Cards come in 1,000 increments. If you are serious about HF, 3,000 cards is not many cards - I work a thousand stations every contest weekend, and as the sunspot cycle gets going, it will be up to 2 or 3 thousand a weekend.

Where do you want the cards shipped to.

Any special info you want on the card.

After I make the artwork for your card, I will put in on the internet so you can view it and make sure everything is correct before I send it to the printer.

The above cards are actual scans of sample runs from the printer. On the real cards, we are going to try and lighten up the logo so if looks more in the background.

Prices - in United States:

1000 - $39.95
2000 - $69.95
3000 - $99.95

(Priority Mail shipping in U.S. add $10 per thousand)
Email me for shipping charges outside the U.S.

73, Jim KH2D