KH7R has the south Pacific locked up as far as DX dream vacations are concerned. MIDXA decided it was time to start working on the western Pacific. So we are putting together another Pacific DX dream vacation spot on the island of Tinian in the CNMI. MIDXA is proud to announce that we will soon be opening MIDXA's Tinian Paradise DX Hotel and Casino in KH0 land. Tinian doesn't have a very big airport, and we can't fly DX'ers in from Japan in a bushcutter. We decided we should land our visiting DX'ers at the Saipan International Airport and take them over to Tinian on a boat......

.... so we had our flagship, the Tinian Express custom built. The Tinian Express is an air conditioned 140' jet powered passenger vessel which sports a crew of eight and is built to ferry DX'ers quickly to the island of Tinian. It cruises at 30 knots and carries 230 passengers, has onboard bar service and a private upper deck for DX'ing VIP's.

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Ace, KH0CE, the executive director for MIDXA's Tinian Paradise DX Hotel and Casino project discusses finances with WH0AAV, MIDXA VP, in the VIP lounge aboard the Tinian Express while cruising from Saipan to Tinian for a construction inspection tour.

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You may have been DX'ing on a little island before, but you've never been DX'ing like this...... MIDXA's hotel and casino will be centrally located on the island of Tinian. Facilities will include tennis courts, an Olympic sized swimming pool, and 36 holes of golf (course designer to be announced). Helicopter and limo service will be available to each of our contest nooks.

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You want RF? We'll have RF..... RF facilities will include four multi-multi stations on the north, south, east, and west tips of the island. Each RF facility will be equipped with a 'contest nook' - a mini hotel with a restaurant, maid service, and sleeping facilities for twenty operators. Plans for antennas include fourteen towers for each location, rotateable stacked monobanders for six bands, computer networking for logging and packet spotting, and many other amenities, such as a hot tub for each band.

At this point you are probably thinking WOW, this is all going to cost a lot of money ! Well, you're right, it is - a TON of money. But after all, DX is DX, and contesting is contesting, so why worry about the money? Well, we didn't worry about it. Maybe we should have, but we didn't. We spent our first $7.2 million on the Tinian Express. We spent our next $12 million on concrete for tower bases and guy anchors. Right now we are searching the world for more investors. We know you want to CONTEST and we know that when you CONTEST, you want to WIN ! So we will finish MIDXA's Tinian Paradise DX Hotel and Casino but right now we've taken time off to work on our bank account. For the time being, we've got the boat, but the helicopters, towers, and antennas are still on order. If you are in Saipan, just call any travel agent and tell them you'd like to buy a ticket to Tinian on the Tinian Express. Then just call KH0CE on the 146.94 repeater and tell him when you'll be arriving....

... and he'll be glad to pick you up at the pier in the limo and take you our temporary operating location, which is fully equipped with an FT101E, an SB200, and a 20 meter dipole on the roof of the hotel.


We've found another investor, who wishes to remain anonymous, so our project is back on the move !!!

We still don't have the towers up, but we loved our new boat, the Tinian Express SO MUCH that we decided to throw another ton of money into her sister ship - the Saipan Express, pictured here docked in front of the Tinian Express. Now you can ride to DX paradise on one boat, and then ride back on a DIFFERENT boat ! After all, who wants to ride around in the same old boat all the time.....