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display2.jpg (25333 bytes)Museum Displays

display6.jpg (24990 bytes)The Marianas Military Museum displays were donated by Chamorros, Marines, soldiers and sailors, American and Japanese, who fought or served on Guam in the years surrounding World War II. Valuable artifacts have been recovered from former battlefields as well.   If you have war memorabilia, we can find a place of honor for it in our museum.   Click here for donation information.

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A photo display of the former Sumay
village and the Pan American Clipper Base
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Authentic American and Japanese
uniforms on display
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The brass plaque from the original Marine
barracks on Orote Point is prominently displayed.
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Two heavy artillary gunsflank the
entrance to the museum.
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One of the many WWII
weapons on display.
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This entryway displays photos
of American and Japanese WWII
commanders "facing" each other.