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Mobile Museum | Asan Wall | Gov Reception

Four of the board displays
from the Museum explaining
the Marine Battalions

Liberation 1999

July 21st, 1999 marked the 55th anniversary of Liberation day which ended the Japanese occupation of Guam.  Each year, residents line Marine Drive to celebrate this historic date with gala festivities, a parade, and fireworks in the evening.

The mobile museum's central location along Marine Drive's
parade route was a popular stop with the parade goers that day.

The Marianas Military Museum Foundation Trustees capatilized on the big 1999 Liberation Day Parade crowd to bring attention to the museum. Often this museum, one of Guam's three main museums, is missed due to its location on the Navy base. So the Camacho/Torres, family of one of the museum board members, reserved a space for the museum next to their Marine Drive parade route tent to allow space for exhibits brought from the museum. It was a very popular stop for people that day, and many commented on the exellence of the displays.

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Volunteers assisted with the museum display throughout the day, while they enjoyed the delicious Chamorro bbq fiesta food and the parade excitement.

Jennings Bunn views
pre-war Agana photos
with a visitor.

Primary to this 1999 Liberation Day parade Museum display were the b/w Guam photos of Dr. William Weare, seen here with Jennings Bunn, museum director.  Weare's father had taken them in the mid 1940s, and Dr. Weare is  seeking identification of  the people in the photos. Chamorros visiting the display along the parade route assisted him with identification.