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Visitor Information

The Marianas Military Museum is located on U.S. Naval Station, Guam, U.S.A.  Access to the museum is through the Naval Station front gate.  Obtain a visitor pass with your driver's license, car registration, and proof of insurance.  The front gate will also provide you with a map directing you to the museum.

Mailing Address

Marianas Military Museum Foundation
A Non-Profit Corporation on Guam
PSC 455 Box 152 FPO AP 96540-1000

Telephone:  617-339-3319
Fax:  671-339-8194
Email:  milmuseum@kuentos.guam.net
Web: www.guam.net/pub/milmuseum


museumboard.jpg (36853 bytes)Robert J. Torres
Annette Alden Donner
Dorothy Ann Horn
Gordon Mailloux
Alan R. Fintzel

Museum Curator:
Jennings Bunn


General Ben Blaz
Dirk Ballendorf
Mayor Greg Borja
Mayor Wesley
Stella Baza Maquera
Lisa Radcliffe
Julie Miller
Mickey Flynn
Ruth Dodge
Col. Aldolph Sgambeluri
Carol Ann Brown
Richard Davis
Tony Baubauta
Eddie Cruz
Jeff Pleadwell