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QuickTime Celebrates Independent Film/Music Makers 4. Turn Your Dial to 4.1 5. "Best of Show" Award Goes to Dreamweaver 3 6. Technically Speaking... 7. Quick Takes -------------------------------------- 1. The Tools That Bring Dreams to Life -------------------------------------- You'll recognize their work. If you've sat in the theater mesmerized by the title credits of such movies as Seven, Mission Impossible, Sphere, or The Horse Whisperer, you've seen the particular stamp of genius that distinguishes the work of Imaginary Forces. They create "motion graphics," compelling moments of digital video that combine design, typography, special effects, and animation to tell a story, set a tone, convey emotion. And to produce them, to bring their visualizations to life, Imaginary Forces are spending an increasing amount of their time with an Apple desktop movie studio--FireWire, the Power Mac G4, Final Cut Pro, and a digital video camera. "You take a digital camera, plug it in, transfer the video, it's done. With FireWire and the Power Mac G4, the process has become so integrated. If you want to shoot video, you can import it directly. If you want to get a picture, you can scan it; you can bring in audio. Final Cut Pro has everything you need to get something from your head to the screen. All the tools you need are at your fingertips. If you can visualize it, you can do it." -------------------------------- 2. So Many Pages, So Little Time -------------------------------- Can you believe it? According to a report recently issued by Inktomi and the NEC Research Institute, there are now more than a billion web pages on the Internet. 1,000,000,000. But, you know what, you probably wouldn't want to read more than a few hundred thousand of them anyway. No, you want to spend your time at only the best places. That's why we created iReview--to make it easier for you to find sites that are truly worth your time. iReview is available to anyone who has access to the Internet. In fact, if you have Mac OS 9 and have signed up for an iTools account, you can even contribute reviews of your own: ----------------------------------------------------- 3. QuickTime Celebrates Independent Film/Music Makers ----------------------------------------------------- Last Thursday, QuickTime TV traveled to Utah and the Sundance Film Festival to celebrate independent filmmaking and announce the addition of five exciting new film and music channels to the growing QuickTime TV network: - AtomFilms, the award-winning distributor of short films, animation, and digital media, promises a "weekly succession of short entertainment titles," like Short, an acclaimed Irish romance and the first feature to appear on AtomFilms QuickFlicks. - The New Venue, an online showcase for movies made expressly to be seen on the web, features a new Internet movie every week as well as a library of made-for-Internet films. - D.FILM offers an online festival of digital films, providing a showcase to independent filmmakers who want to bring their work directly to viewers--over the Internet and into their homes. - V2TV, which connects you to V2 Music, an independent music label representing the work of artists from around the world, brings you music, news, artist profiles, scheduling, music videos, interviews, and performances streaming live over the Internet. - offers artists and musicians a forum where they can showcase their talents and bring their music directly to a new, global audience via the Internet. Sample the wares of our newest QuickTime TV channels by visiting: ------------------------ 4. Turn Your Dial to 4.1 ------------------------ Immediately available for free download, QuickTime 4.1, the newest version of Apple's award-winning multimedia software application, offers: - Support for variable bit rate (VBR) MP3 files and MP3 playlists via M3U files - Improved navigation through firewalls when paired with QuickTIme Streaming Server 2 - Authentication features, offering access to pay-per-view sites - Options for embedding movies as a track within other movies - New wired actions and events - Enhanced JavaScript support - AppleScript support (Mac version only) Download it today from: --------------------------------------------- 5. "Best of Show" Award Goes to Dreamweaver 3 --------------------------------------------- "Layers" offer more precise control over the positioning of text and graphics. "Styles" let you format text with the type of control you expect to find in desktop publishing programs. And creating and editing tables in Dreamweaver 3 has never been easier: New tools let you format cells, rows, and columns as easily as you can in Microsoft Word or Excel. And those are only a few of the many new Macintosh features Macromedia has added to Dreamweaver 3, features that helped earn it a Best of Show award at the recent Macworld Expo. Read more about this exciting new cross-platform web development tool at: Rewritten from scratch to take full advantage of the Mac OS, Dreamweaver 3 is also available for a free 30-day trial: -------------------------- 6. Technically Speaking... -------------------------- Is your Macintosh system still under warranty? Would you like to extend the protection afforded by that original warranty with a comprehensive plan that offers three years of service AND support at one economical price? We have just such a plan. One that covers hardware and system software. Includes a CD with powerful diagnostic software. Provides toll-free telephone support. And offers a special, members-only web support area. It's the AppleCare Protection Plan: -------------- 7. Quick Takes -------------- "Where am I? And how do I get to Portland?" You wouldn't have to ask those questions if you were using an Earthmate (a handheld global positioning system) and Street Atlas USA 6.0, both from Delorme. Both work great with iBook and PowerBook computers: . . . It's encouraging to know that even the most accomplished digital artists occasionally flub their lines. And it's just lucky for us that the cameras were still rolling when the following outtakes--available exclusively in QuickTime 4--were captured for posterity (and your enjoyment): . . . 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