Recycling Centers

Some places will pay for recyclable items while some may charge disposal fee so it is best to call ahead first.

* Guahan Waste Control Harmon 646-5183/5
# Guam Transport & Warehouse Harmon 647-7873, 646-9465/6
* Dewitt Moving and Storage Harmon 646-4442, 646-1877

* Call to check if there is any cost. Usually free for household or small amounts.
# Temporarily suspended accepting cardboard, paper, etc. until the commodity price increases (shipping is expensive).

DeWitt Records Management Tamuning 648-1844
Guam Transport & Warehouse Harmon 646-9465/4687

Newspapers can also be donated to your local pet shop or veterinarian for re-use as liners in their pet cages.

Aluminum cans, copper, brass, metallic waste, etc.
Bali Steel (metallic waste only) Apra Harbor 635-1123
FSM Recycling Harmon 649-2400
Guam Metal Development Harmon 688-5171
Isla Recycling (steel/ferrous only) Dededo 637-9805/6
Island Scrap Yard Barrigada 637-1687
Pyramid Recycling Harmon 646-8130
Formosa Recycling (steel only) Harmon 646-3731
Triple Star Recycling Harmon 648-2910/11
Xiong's Recycling Harmon 649-4514/15

This aluminum will “not” add to the Ordot dump. Instead it will be remanufactured into new products.
If it were sent to the Ordot dump and not crushed under great pressure, it would take up a lot of space.

White goods
Bali Steel Guam LLC Apra Harbor 635-1123
FSM Recycling Inc. Harmon 649-2400
Isla Recycling Dededo 649-4398
Island Scrap Yard Barrigada 637-1687
Triple Star Recycling Harmon 648-2910/11

Accumulated white goods to be shipped off-island for recycling.

Pyramid Recycling Harmon 646-8130

Island Scrap Yard Barrigada 637-1687
* Pyramid International Harmon 646-8130

* No charge if the plastic housing is separated. They will recycle both the plastic housing and the electronics/metals.

Bali Steel Guam LLC Apra Harbor 635-1123
Island Scrap Yard Barrigada 637-1687
GRESCO Santa Rita 565-7473
Triple Star Recycling Harmon 648-2910/11
Unitek Environmental Agat 565-3151

Oil, paint, thinner, hazardous waste
Pacific Env. Resources Santa Rita 565-7473
South Pac. Environment Harmon 649-7609
Unitek Environmental Agat 565-3151

Nonhazardous petroleum contaminated soil
Aliron Far East LLC Agat 565-5553

Used cooking oil
Lucky One Pumping Anigua 472-8280

Plastic (Type 1 & 2 only)
Pyramid Recycling Harmon 646-8130

Only Pyramid accepts some plastics (types 1&2 and plastic electronic enclosures). All other plastic waste goes to the Ordot landfill. (There are plastic benches at the Guam Memorial Hospital.)

Types 1 & 2 plastics that can be kept out of our dump and recycled at Pyramid behind KMart.

The only glass pulverizer here on island is at Andersen AFB (366-1477). (For military and their families.) However, waste glass is accepted at the Ordot dump and the other transfer stations for free. It will be crushed (not pulverized) and used as cover for the other trash.

Samples of waste glass bottles and some that has been pulverized locally.

Eddie J. Cruz, LLC DBA Eddie Cruz Hardfill
Located at 363 Gayinero Drive in Yigo across the D.L. Perez Elementary School.
We accept hard fill material, non regulated, and recycle whatever can be reused. We also sell topsoil, backfill materials and mulch. We provide services for commercial & industrial businesses and residents. We are basically a hardfill operation receiving construction related waste from demolition projects and land clearing.
(Office: 989-7645, Cell: 482-1600 or 488-7702, Email:

Yard waste, weeds, grass, leaves, coconut fronds, vegetable leftovers, coffee grounds
Composting these or using them as mulch material is an environmentally friendly way to handle these materials. Instead of a problem, they become a soil-helper by building organic material into the soil which plants use for their food. Mulch also keeps weeds under control, keeps the roots cooler, and helps retain the moisture. Composting is very inexpensive and will not smell or attract animals when done correctly.

Re-usable household goods, clothing, furnitures, toys, books, etc.
First try a garge or yard sale, or donate all of leftover after sale to either Salvation Army, Thrift Shop on Camp Watkins Road, across Onward Beach Hotel (Tel: 647-1569 Hours: Mon-Sat 9:30am to 4:30pm); Catholic Social Services (Tel: 653-8855/57); Guam Rehab Center on Marine Drive in Tamuning, across J.F.K (Tel: 649-0884 Hours: Mon-Sat 8:00am to 4:00pm) or donate them to your local school or church for their own rummage sale. They will issue a receipt upon request to be used for tax purpose.

Also check the Guam Phone Book for a list of places to recycle or go to the Guam EPA website.