Mr. Patrick Mark Manibusan
Anatomy & Physiology Instructor
Simon Sanchez High

Period 1: Anatomy, and Physiology Room 407
Period 2: Anatomy, and Physiology Room 407
Period 3: Anatomy, and Physiology Room 407
Period 4: Anatomy, and Physiology Room 407
Period 5: Subject Preparation
Period 6: Department Chair Preparation

Course Title: Anatomy & Physiology Course Number: SC202
Prerequisite: SC 103
Length: Two Semesters
Credit: One-half per semester
Course Description: This is a course that describes the scientific study of the structure and function of living organisms, tissues, organs and systems. It includes instruction in the scientific study of organisms and systemic function and behavior in humans and animals, including processes such as respiration, circulation, and digestion.

Three ring-binder
Loose leaf Paper
Color pencils (twelve different colors)
Additional materials, if needed for science instruction, will be announced in the future

At the end of the course, the student will...
A. ...have a fundamental knowledge of Anatomy & Physiology and how it applies to his/her life.
B. familiar with science technology, and methodology.
C. …access, interpret, produce, & disseminate information.

100% to 90% A
89% to 80% B
79% to 70% C
69% to 60% D
59% to 0% F

Student will be assessed by the following:
Exams/binder/lab/group projects/ activities and quizzes 

Because of the complexity of Anatomy & Physiology, cooperative learning will be utilized. This will help in keeping the class fun and exciting. In addition, current issues pertaining to the course as presented in 20/20, Primetime Live, The Discovery Channel, and the like, may be presented in the classroom. They will complement material relevant to the course.

Introduction to Anatomy & Physiology 
Chemical Basis of Life
Cellular Metabolism
Skin and the Integumentary System 
Skeletal System
Joints of the Skeletal System
Muscular System
Central Nervous System 
Respiratory System
Cardiovascular System
Digestive System

Notation: because the number of students registered in the course exceeds the texts available, class sets will only be utilized during class and lunch period. By appointment, any Anatomy & Physiology student is welcome to use his/her lunch period and come into room 407 to discuss any material presented, review, take extra notes, use the study guide in our computers etc.. To effectively utilize this break, the student will need to carefully plan his/her time.

Each student will be provided feedback on his/her progress as well as the results of his/her assessment. Current grades and evaluation results will be posted in the bulletin board on a weekly basis. Results of his/her assessment and current grade will be entered by student on a task sheet and taken home for parent/guardian discussion and signature. It is the responsibility of the student to transcribe posted grade and obtain parental signature(s). Signatures will be periodically checked during the quarter. 

A lab fee of $10 dollars will be required to obtain needed laboratory materials. This is necessary because of the
nature of the course. Many of the supplies are in small amount and needed in short notice.

You are required to check your desk before class begins. If there is any writing on the desk you are to report it to me immediately. Furthermore, you are responsible for any mess at your seating area. Please keep your work area neat and orderly.

A. Participate and help in classroom planning.
B. Maintain an atmosphere that helps everyone learn and be on task.
C. Contribute positively to the class and help other students.
D. Get all assignments in on time and in an acceptable form; unless under extenuating circumstances, late assignments will not be accepted.
E. Help keep the classroom clean. neat and orderly.
F. Never bring gum, animals (except on assignment) or other distracting materials such as beepers, cell phone,
portable stereos, etc., into the classroom.
G. Protect desks, tables, books, school supplies, and equipment. *Do not write, scratch, mark, paint or finger smear school property (see notation under heading: CONSEQUENCES).
H. If you are absent, it is your responsibility to obtain all notes, handouts(s), or pertinent information from
class(es) missed.

If a student chooses not to follow these rules, then, the following steps will be taken:
First offense: Documentation of offense warning/counsel with instructor
Second offense: Documentation of offense, counselor referral
Third offense: Documentation of offense, detention, and conference with parents via phone
Fourth offense: Documentation of offense, office referral

Notation: Fighting, threatening students and /or instructors, stealing, cheating, vandalism,
smoking, possessing illegal drugs or alcohol will no be tolerated. A student in violation 
will be sent immediately to the principal.

Students who behave appropriately, will be positively, rewarded with any of the following:

A. Praise
B. Positive notes home
C. Positive calls to parents/guardian
D. Surprise


Mr. Patrick Manibusan